Warning about $15 discount

lexi7August 6, 2008

A clerk at Sears promised a $15 discount on my purchase if I would apply for a Sears MasterCard, so I did. The receipt did not reflect the $15 discount, but she said it would be reflected on my statement. When the card arrived and I activated it, I checked the balance. Sure enough, the discount was not reflected, so I called the number on the card. I thought I was talking to Sears, but it was a big bank. The woman on the phone said I would have to contact Sears for the discount, so I called Sears. I did not get to talk to a manager, so I explained my problem to the woman who answered the phone. She was no help, but all managers were busy or gone to lunch (at 2:15 p.m.) I went to the store today. The lady at the register called some straw boss manager who told her first to tell me to call the card company. I finally heard her tell him that she did not know what to tell me. She then directed me to the straw boss office way in the back of the store in a warehouse. I waited awhile, but he never showed up. Finally, I told the woman in the office who was counting money and ignoring me to tell him that I do not need the $15 that bad and I would send the card back when the statement arrived. She did not seem to care. Generally, I got the feeling that nobody could do anything about it and nobody cared.

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Sears -ptah! (that's the sound of me spitting on them.) I'll bet they are charging a big interest rate, too, if you put anything on the card. I gave up on good old Sears long ago and I don't even go into their store.

The only way I can think of for you to get their attention is to cancel the credit card.

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"Generally, I got the feeling that nobody could do anything about it and nobody cared."

I think you hit it "spot on" as they say! I'm a skeptic so with nothing in writing from them initially I would have been suspicious and probably wouldn't have signed up. But if I went through it I think I would be returning it to the store and making a bit of a scene. Would also try to track down the one who misinformed me.

Yes, these are not handled through Sears credit, they're simply an agent to provide sales for Mastercard. Mastercard ultimately should be giving you the credit, authorized by Sears and who actually is absorbing the cost, I can't say. So there's almost a chicken and the egg conundrum there...

Kudos for standing up to them and sending their card back. Make sure you follow up with email and/or letter to confirm that you are closing the account as of a certain date. That could save headaches down the road. You could also call them and get a confirmation number.

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Kmart purchased Sears in 2004. Every since, Sears service is awful. I was told at a CT store a couple years ago that the plan is to even stop the lifetime warranty on Craftsman tools.


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I guess I didn't make it clear, meant to say that I would return any purchases I made on it and make a bit of a scene. And of course close the account.

Sears had problems LONG before the buyout. I had problems with them on a shop vac and a car battery, a friend had problems with them on a VCR, and many more examples. That's why I never bought much from them. Can't remember the last time I was even into a Sears.

Nearly 20 years ago I found out the hard way that not all "Craftsman" tools had a lifetime warranty to start with. My understanding was that if it had the "Craftsman" name on it, it was a lifetime warranty. Not so. They have different lines in the "Craftsman" tool line and only certain ones have ever had the lifetime warranty.

It's still strange to walk into a Kmart and see Craftsman mowers, Diehard batteries and the like! Not that I go into Kmart very often, but have to for work on occasion.

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I thought Sears bought KM as KM was close to going under.
A bit off-topic, but a commercial the other night showed M.Stewart items at WM. Mmmm KM & WM both carrying her brand? (shrug) oh, well!

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On your $l5.00 discount, did you get a copy of anything saying you would get that discount? Or was it just a verbal statement by the clerk/cashier? I know you have accepted that you won't be getting your promised discount but I personally would keep going after the "boss"......everytime I went by the store I'd go in and ask to see him/her. You have a copy of your bill - from the first purchase? You have an employee number somewhere on it...ask for that employee again - tell her what has transpired. $l5.oo is a small sum but if it's not just you getting ripped off it adds up. I'm like a dog after a bone....but that is me.

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Thank you all for validating my feelings. It made my day. The temptation to return the merchandise is maddening, but the merchandise is for a special occasion and it is perfect. To return it would be cutting off my nose to spite my face because I would have to spend more time and money shopping for the right thing. Thank you for asking about the receipt. I pulled it out and there is an email address to rate the store. I rated them the lowest and left my number. Maybe I will get to talk to someone after all. The bottom of the receipt states, "$15 will be credited to your account when you make your first purchase today purchase must be made same day as account opening in order to receive statement credit and will not apply if purchase is subject to a different promotional offer."

I purchased Martha Stewart sheets once. In the store, they felt so soft and luxurious. After the first washing, they were very rough. I am done with Martha.

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Moral of the story: do not get credit cards from retailers, you have already had way more than $15 worth of hassle.

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the words "will not apply if purchase is subject to a different promotional offer"....now that might make a difference....if it wasn't on sale then keep your receipt and check your statement.....then take said receipt to the store next time you are in and say "this still has not appeared on my bill and I want it reflected in my balance as a credit on the amount oweing or just as a credit. You don't have to make a special trip but keep that receipt, they should honor your $l5.00 credit and that is the proof. I've battled many times over such things (for me it is the principal of the thing - I'm entitled therefor I expect)..the latest was 50 air miles......took 2 months but I got my airmiles......and done all using email..no car gas expense, no stamp.....just email. I wish you luck..I'd get my $l5.00 you can count on it. And you should get a call back because they should want to know about your experience.....Again good luck!

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have had a Sears card for several years now. They send me discount offers for extra savings in the stores. They also let me pay the bill at Sears or KMart. Which saves money on the stamp. I prefer not to pay online. Their customer sevice has always been A+. Last year i was a day late paying my bill. I really just lost track of the days. I called because i was worried about my credit score that i have worked hard for. They were so nice that they forgave the late fee.

I would call the 800 # and tell them what happened. They may want to make the situation right.

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With regard to the MS sheets - I'd have been telling the store, next time I visited, how displeased I was.

If you don't let them know - the possibility of desired change/improvement shrinks to nearly zero.

ole joyful

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I have to give the devil his dues. My bill came today and the $15.00 discount was reflected. However, I will not use the card since I know how their CSR treats customers with complaints.

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Hi Lexi 7,

Make sure that you tell them that, too.

Tell them that, as a result of your bad experience previously, you haven't bought anything in their store from that day till this.

The store folks are somewhat more sensitive to their hunger for business, these days.

Have you ever had a boil on your neck, rear end, or other place where it was more than a nuisance?

Be a boil on theirs ... pleasantly, courteously, of course ... but determinedly and persistently.

Let them wish that either:
a) they'd never offered the $15.00 credit, or,
b) having offered it, they'd honoured the claim with more alacrity.

Dragging their feet pays them well, if many eligible persons ignore their non-performance.

Enjoy your week.

ole joyful

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