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ArkansasgardenboyJune 2, 2002

How are you planning to spend your summer? How are you involving your children? We will have our granddaughter over for this week. She is looking forward to picking blackberries and going to Vacation Bible School. She may even get to work in Pappaw's garden. She loves the country and has been looking forward to coming to see her grandparents and to get to spend the week.

I would encourage visiting the library weekly. Take trips and visit many places of interest and really have a good time of relaxing and enjoying people and places.

Hoping you have a fun filled learning good summer.

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Planning a trip to Chattanooga to see the aquarium and children's museum.
Have season tickets to Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts, so she'll be going to all the shows.

Library reading club and Zany Brainy reading club.
We also turn every day experiences into learning opportunities. Yesterday at the pool she experimented with what floats and what doesn't, and why her yellow swim noodle looks green when underwater and the bluish water casts tones on it.

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We will be visiting my parents/inlaws in NY for a month. After that the kids are going to day camp. They are kids and are going to enjoy playing sports, swimming, and doing other kid things. They have plenty of school years in front of them so we don't push school stuff on them in the summer. My oldest likes to read and he reads for pleasure on his own every day.

We don't make a special effort to go to "educational" places. We try to do what TREKaren suggests and turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities so its hard to say now what those opportunities will be.


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My school age son is a Cub Scout. We are busy doing the requirements for him to earn the Wolf Badge. We are also working on Belt Loop achievements. Scouting is WONDERFUL for "continuing education"!!!! I highly encourage all of you to get your boys into Cub or Boy Scouts and your girls into Girl Scouts!!!

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My oldest (9) son is in Las Vegas staying with my dad who is an elementary school teacher, and he has been doing "homework" everyday! Mostly cursive writing practice by writing us letters and stories because that is an area he needs work! My youngest son and I are spending our days in the yard, garden, and playing! We frequent the library and he picks out books about things that he is interested in. We have had some "life lessons" here recently, with my sister's wedding and my father-in-laws passing away, so my kids are learning about love and dying too. They have had a lot of questions! Otherwise, we're nature freaks, I raise Monarch butterflies and my son's help, we take walks in the woods and explore, we are outside all day and evening!! This summer I also plan on involving my kids in some art projects, mostly painting. And I would like to help my youngest prepare for kindergarten!! :) PLUS I have to PREPARE for fall at DePaul! :)

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It's cooking up busy here!
Golf season is kicking in - qualifying tournament is Tuesday. DD is going to a local fitness club 3 afternoons a week for an hour to help get her tummy toned up, upper body strength up & body fat composition down where it should be. She's volunteering at vacation bible school next week & doing a Girl Scout twilight camp. Residential Girl Scout camp is for a week in mid July. She's weak in math - she never got her math facts down really well. I've gotten some 1-4 grade workbooks for math facts & she's working on one section each day. We've also got to work on her reading speed.

I had an ephiphany this week! My husband was brought up much differently than I was! His mom (a schoolteacher) didn't want to "be bothered" with her kids in the summer & sent them to grandma's as soon as school was out, so she could do "her thing" in the summer. I've never understood his resentment (mild) at the time I spend on DD's activities every summer until now.

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Remember that other post on penmanship? I love your idea! Nothing better than old-fashioned letter-writing to give them a fun way to practice. I remember when I was that age, it was a thrill to get a letter back, too! A letter for me!
Ok, I was easily impressed :-)

Carlotta! Glad to hear of the revelation. I bet a schoolteacher might be weary of children after 9 months locked in a room with them :-) But it's funny how obvious things are never that obvious. Hopefully now, mom and dad can be together this summer in DD's activities!

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YEP! My son certainly needs improvement in his penmanship, and now that he is in Las Vegas with my dad, who is a teacher, he is writing letters to everyone back home and using e-mail too! I think that there are definately times when the kids can't actually "KNOW" that they are practicing something! :)

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