Shingle color for red brick house

greendogggJune 18, 2009


My roof was recently damaged by hail (I live in austin, tx). I am having a new roof put on and am planning to use GAF ArmorShield II shingles, so that hopefully I won't have to re-roof because of hail again anytime soon.

1) Any good reason to avoid these shingles? They seem fine to me, but I don't claim to know much about shingles. I just know that they have a class 4 impact resistant rating, which gives me a 15% discount on homeowners insurance.

2) What color would go well with a red brick house. It's the "normal" solid red brick. The available colors are slate, barkwood, charcoal, and weathered wood.

Thanks for any advice.

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Lighter colors are more energy efficient.

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"Lighter colors are more energy efficient."

Only in areas were cooling costs predominate.

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I live in texas, so cooling costs definately predominate. Thanks for the advice.

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