Spanish/Math Educational Software for summer learning?

tiamariaJune 24, 2005

I have need of educational software programs to help my two children ages 16 and 10.

Does anyone know of any successful programs for Spanish and Algebra I,II?

My older child just finished Spanish I and I would like to keep him working with the language so Spanish II is not so difficult for him next year. He has a learning disability and I've been told that next years Spanish goes very quickly. I want him to be ready in September.



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I think you can find such programs at any good, large bookstore. I think the Cliffnote people do a series and perhaps the College Board/SAT.

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Rosetta Stone has a great Spanish program. It's self-directed, so whatever pace he can do will be fine. I used it to learn Spanish quickly for a trip to South America.

I don't remember much about algebra; sorry no help there.

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There are a few web-based activities that you can have your children access for Algebra that I thought were good. I checked Glencoe's New Jersey page but think that perhaps the California page may be the one to go with. For example, this link

provides little exercises in short movies on each of the concepts. There are links to practice pages, too.


kind of gives you the 'whole tamale'Â

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