Teen Volunteering programs in non Profit organization.

aaaaaaaaJune 25, 2009


My teen son had applied for ÂTeen Volunteering program in our local public library. He was following up with the library, and they would tell that they will call him when the program starts that is once the schools are closed for summer. Yesterday was last day of the school, so he checked with the library today and he gets response as-- that he is in the waiting list and they may be calling in previous volunteers and he is the second choice. As the library had told him that they will be informing he did not apply for program any where else. Now, it is too late and I am worried that he will not be able to make his community service credits this year.

I tried to find out list (internet) of NP Teen volunteering programs in the areaÂwith no proper results.

Is there any other way? Please advice.

Thanks in advance


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I don't know how big your city is but there are many oportunities for teens, depending on their age and training. Hospitals, nursing homes, day care, private schools, vacation Bible schools, churches etc. Can he swim? Lifeguards. Zoos have teens working here.

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Domestic violence agencies would love to have boys help out. Perhaps there is an event he could help prepare for?

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