Electric bill major meter reading mistake!

mark40511August 21, 2009

I live in a subdivision in Lexington KY. My electric bill has been really strange the past few months. I live in a 1375 sq ft single story all electric 5 yr old house, just two of us. My electric bill ranges from 90 to 120 dollars per month. One month it was 210, the next month it was 90 etc. My recent bill I received was 195 for 27 days. The meter was read on aug 17, I received the bill via email aug 18th. I Googled how to read an electric meter. Looked at what their info said on the bill and went out to my meter which read 43217. The bill said my meter read 44119. That was almost 1000 kilowatt hours! They overcharged me 75 dollars! I called, they immediately gave me credit and my bill is now 120. I've always trusted them but I will be checking every month from now on. It's really a piece of cake to read. Just an FYI

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i know some power companies only do actual readings of the meter every other month. the other times they estimate the usage based on weather and previous usage and then will adjust the bill to reflect the actual usage on the next bill.

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Some utilities actually read meters, for example my water co, sends me a postcard and asks me to phone in my water meter reading. You obviously got an estimate" and that's why your bill went so high. Can you request actual live person meter readings to avoid this problem in the future ? It's a good idea to really look at all your bills.

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NO guys

It wasn't an estimate. It was an actual reading read on aug 17th. The very next day, aug 18th, I received my bill via email. So I called, she said they did not estimate on this reading and rarely estimate in my part of town (whatever that means). But when they read the meters, they don't actually get out of the vehicle and walk to the meter and read it. They use some sort of radio controlled device and point from house to house based on what I have read. Since I live in a subdivision where houses are very close to each other, I suspect I received someone else's meter reading.

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I have that happen sometimes too. Our meter reader walks along the sidewalk outside my back fence and reads the meters using binoculars. (It's a small town) Sometimes they transpose numbers or, like you say, I bet sometimes they get off on the wrong ticket. This month, my bill was only $44.79. Since last month's bill was about right, I imagine our bill will be pretty big next month to make up for the difference. One time we got a bill for $300 and we made them come out and read the meter again and give us a corrected bill. But the following month it was high again so we figured they must've over-corrected. We've given up trying to get an accurate bill. It all evens out eventually, although if they did this on a widespread basis I can see how it would be a sweet way for the City to get a short-term, no interest loan from its citizens without most people even realizing it. Of course if you're moving and it's going to be your final bill, it would certainly be worth the time to check to make sure they have read the meter correctly.

Another thing to consider, the person who told you that the meters are being read every month may not have known the facts. There are a lot of people who don't want to spend the time to do their jobs the way they're supposed to and unless someone complains there would be no way for their boss to know they were just sitting in their car making up numbers.

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ON my Kentucky Utilities bill it says "actual reading" August 17th....I don't know how to tell based on bill if they estimated. Maybe they did. I know in June for 32 days my bill was 90 dollars.....In July for 35 days it was 160......In August for 27 days it was 194....which got corrected to 120

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My town is considering going to the electronic meters. They broadcast a signal, so the power company just needs to drive through the neighborhood with the proper equipment and collect all the data. It sounded like a great, money saving idea for the city. I'm sure there will be these type of problems, but I bet it is more accurate than just having someone look at the meter and write down the number.

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