Shoe stretching

boothbayAugust 20, 2013

Cleaning out the attic we came across this object that the previous owners left.It looks like an old fashioned shoe stretcher. Coincidentally, I needed just such an item for my shoe. I have seen the later ones that are completely different from these so i am just guessing how these may work. The knob at the end confused me until I thought that it has to be hammered down fully to give the shoe the stretch...but its next impossible to do. Does anyone know just how these are suppose to work? Here are two photos of it.

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Apparently one cannot include 2 photo's in one message so here is the other view....unless someone can tell me how does one include more than one photo in one message..

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That does not look like a stretcher to me... it looks like a shoe last (used to make and repair shoes).

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I agree. I looks like a last.

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I have heard of a shoe horn but why is this object called a "last"?

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Could also be a shoe that you put in your shoes after wearing them. A shoe stretcher would be something that you can adjust wider at the toe part and also adjust from heel to toe.

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Post this in the antiques and collectables forum and see what they say.

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I am not old but my dad used these. He had very dressy shoes for work and stored his shoes with these in them in the closet. They kept the shoe's shape. You slide the toe part in, and then push the knob down towards the heel. It should be very snug, but if it's next to impossible to wedge into your shoe, then it's just too big. he also used them when polishing his shoes. Maybe so they wouldn't shrink? This was only back in the 70s and 80s.

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I had a pair some years ago that looked like these.

They're shoe trees, used to put into shoes after wearing to help maintain their shape, to keep them straight rather than curling up a bit..

I also had a pair that had a narrower, rounded stick at the back, with a spring in it, which pushed back against the heel.

ole joyful

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