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Stephanie_in_TNJune 6, 2002

Our family added baby #4 on Monday, June 3.

We had a boy, Zachary. 9lbs 15oz, 21-3/4ins long. Things got complicated in delivery due to his size, got a little scary. His left arm was broken in the effort to get him out, between the shoulder and elbow. But it could have been worse than a broken arm, so we are very thankful he is happy, healthy and beautiful.

Big brothers and sisters are madly in love with him already. It's awkard to deal with the arm, but otherwise things are good.

But that is why you might not see much of me for a while!

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Great... Good news. Keep us informed. I feel you will. Take care. Children are one of God's greatest gifts...along with those gifts comes those responsibilities. (love, care, etc.) Mothers are just real important and so are dads...

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Congratulations! Wow almost 10 pounds. Hope you are feeling okay!

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Give that girl a medal!!!! And give the baby a purple heart! :-)

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! !

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CONGRATULATIONS! I am soooo glad to hear your baby is fine...considering the broken arm....Wishes are with you and your family!!


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I've been wondering about that baby! I'm glad he's here, and you are both safe (though scarred, perhaps).

You'll be in our prayers. Glad the big sibs are loving him!

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Woo Hoo a new baby. I hope he heals up quickly. Thankfully it is only a broken arm. As you said it could have been worse.

BTW-I have a Zachary. I hope your Zachary is as sweet and loving as mine.


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Warmest congratualtions! A spring baby!

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Treasure your wonderful addition to the family! Congradulations and take care of YOU also!!:)

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Congratulations! I hope the little arm is mending well!

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We are waiting to see how you and the baby are doing....Hope everything is going well.

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Sorry, I've been reading without doing much posting lately, arms full.

My little guy will be one month tomorrow. He is doing great. The splint/cast sort of thing (the doc's original creation for the situation) was taken off last Thursday. He squirmed out of it twice and had to have a new ones put on! (We've nicknamed him Houdidi.) But now it's off for good. The arm is working great. We were waiting to be sure there was no nerve damage, and there doesn't seem to be, his little fingers wiggle all over the place. There is a lump of bone growth over the place where it was broken making it just a little bigger around than the other arm (like he's been working on the bicep). The bones are not exactly aligned, because it isn't practical to surgically put them back together in a newborn. If you know the arm was broken and *look* for a difference, you can see it. But it's not real obvious and it's only cosmetic, the arm works just like the other one. The doctor says that as he is growing quickly at this age, the arm will "remold" itself so that a year from now there will be no difference.

We still have another check up on it in a couple weeks, but it looks like all's well that ends well. The medical term for the complication we experienced is shoulder dystocia, head delivers normally but the shoulders get stuck, could have been a lot worse, so we are so relieved all is well now. Thank you for thinking of us!

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