Question: Inexpensive Seeds

adellabedella_usaAugust 19, 2003

Does anyone have a source for inexpensive seeds? I haven't found any of the $.10 ones that I used to buy.

I have a 3 yr old who just had his first garden harvest of cucumbers and corn. It has been a great learning experience, but wasn't exactly economically feasible. Those $.99 seed packages of corn are kind of expensive when you only get 6 stalks of corn and 7 usable ears. Anyway, DS is already planning next year's garden of watermelon, cucumbers, carrots, cantalope, pumpkins, and everything else he can think of between now and then. I would love to find an end of season clearance just to make things a little cheaper. Any suggestions? I'll probably save some watermelon and cantaloupe seeds from ones I bought at the store, but everything will be purchased.

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This year I saw the 10 cent seed packets in a lot of places, Dollar General Store, Tractor Supply Co., Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and one or two other places. Also, you might want to try the seed exchange forum on on the Garden Web. I am sure someone would send you some seeds for a self addressed stamped envelope. Last year two very nice gentlemen on the Growing Tomatoes Forum sent me several tomato seeds. So, look around, there are plenty of seeds to be had. Good Luck. Judith

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My Almost 3yr old loves to help me in my garden. I have some extra seeds if you want them for SASE. You should check out the Winter sowing forum. This is some thing you can do in the winter and it really works. Vikki

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THanks everyone. I'm going to visit my dad this week. I found out he has what I need. I live in a small town with limited shopping. I suspect I probably just missed out on the cheap stuff this year.

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Good luck AdellaBedella. I also found them this year at the Dollar General and Family Dollar Stores for 10 cents. Vegetables and flowers.

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Look for the 10 cent seeds again in the spring, I have been buying them for 4 years now.

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I would check gardening friends and see if they have extra seeds or plants (explain why) I keep several people in tomato plants that I start from seed. This year I passed around cleomes and trailing snapdragons too (both easy to start from seed from last years plants). Kathy_PA

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