Finished Kitchen: White-ish, charcoal counters and blue glass bs

alexxMay 29, 2013

First, thank you to everyone who participates in this forum for keeping me sane during this project. Reading the threads of those who had the same detailed questions, being able to ask questions. I am grateful.

I both overthought the kitchen and stressed over the details and in many cases, the attention to detail and research really paid off (I had a good idea of what needed to go where around the sink, the importance of good seams, etc.) I also stressed over details of whether I picked the right backsplash, pulls, color cabs, etc. In the end, I like it so much and it is so much better than it was but I’m not sure I could change thinking about it so much in whatever our next remodel project is (Lesson learned: educate yourself, pick something, make sure it is installed correctly, then let it go and enjoy.)

We had a white kitchen for 8 years before the remodel and still liked it. So guess what, I wanted another white-ish kitchen. I don't care if it is on or off trend. We wanted the light (only one window in the kitchen) and we are happy with this choice.

We began our kitchen remodel in December 2012 (ordered the cabs, began the engineering drawings as we were removing a load bearing wall and needed to put in a huge support beam), the cabs arrived a month later, and it took another month to get the permits. Then after three more months, we are finished (minus the dimmers for the lights.) Happy May 2013!

Our family is thrilled with the result! We had a few major goals:
1) Open up the wall of a galley kitchen that only had a pass through so that the person in the kitchen (me) didn’t feel cut off from the rest of the activities happening in the dining and living areas.
2) Create more counter space. We did this mainly by raising up the window to counter height and adding cabinets below. Also more counter by adding the overhang peninsula.
3) Add storage. We had boxes everywhere. Now there is a place for everything. We pared things down to only those that we love and are functional. We gave away mismatched stuff and yes, bought a new set of dishes (at Target.)
4) Get great countertops (ours were cut up, stained and not in great shape--they were butcherblock that could’ve been refinished but my DH and I really wanted quartz and he wanted “antimicrobial” so we ended up with Silestone.
5) Oh, and my DH would say this is #1: we have an oven that closes all the way, heats at the correct temperature and a range hood that on which he doesn’t constantly hit his head.

The look:
We were going for clean, not too modern, not too traditional. A blue pottery bowl and the ocean/beach were my inspiration. Off white shaker cabs (called Coconut), charcoal grey counters, a blue/grey tile floor that looks a lot like barn wood, pale blue glass subway backsplash and a linen shade that looks like sand or very pale driftwood (adds a little texture.)

The details:
-Diamond kitchen cabinets. Shaker (5 piece) all wood (except the middles of doors which are MDF) in a color called Coconut. I didn’t want a stark white. Purchased through local wholesaler but also available at Home Depot etc. Not sure the wholesaler really saved us money. We had some problems with fillers matching our GC had to paint. A pain but we really do like the cabs.
-Countertop: Silestone in a color called Altair with a 1.5 inch mitered edge and 1.5 inch overhang over the cabinets. (that may be the same thing.) We ended up using 2 jumbo slabs. 15 inch overhang on the dining room side.
-Backsplash: Ann Sacks, Lucien, color: Azure, size: 3x6
-Hardware: Restoration Hardware, Bistro pulls, Brushed Nickel in 6 and 8 inch sizes. Restoration Hardware “Traditonal Clear glass knob”on glass cab (1.25 inch)
-Faucet: Delta 9197T-DST, Cassidy, with Touch2O technology (touch on and off) in Arctic Stainless color
-dishwasher: reused our Bosch
-Sink: Elkay, EKELU281610 (10 inches deep)
-Refrigerator: Samsung, RF4287HARS, full depth
-Range: LG, LDG3016ST 30 inch
-Range Hood: Kobe, RA-092 36 inch hood, (RS9236SQB)with baffles no mesh, 6 inch round ducting,
-Counter Stools: Restoration Hardware, Remy, Backless, Gunmetal
-Undercabinet lights:, 24 inch bar in neutral white, HBNW24
Floor: Tile that looks like wood. Grey/Blue/Brown. (Best I can read my notes, I lost this original invoice is Ott color: YM 207, about 35.5 length and 7.75 inches wide, grout “Winter Grey”
-Shade: Custom size through, pattern: Korithos, color: Fleck, Style: Roman Flat
Paint: BM Edgecomb Gray (on wall in kitchen, family room and living room) Trim: Dunn Edwards: Swiss Coffee (throughout house)
-Microwave: Panasonic from Target to fit the opening.
-Drawer organizers: Bed, Bath and Beyond, various, bamboo
-Canned lights: unknown, 4 inch, LED
-In beam lights: unknown (inset puck lights) LED
-air switch. Unknown
-air gap: Delta bought with faucet. Same color.

Still to do:
Put in dimmers and find some sort of bumpers for the doors (or maybe hinges that don’t allow some of the doors to open past 90 degrees)

-Someone on GW suggested keeping a notebook of invoices, orders, bids, notes to GC. I did that and it has been a terrific resource. I highly recommend this.
-I wish I were here on the day of the floor tile and electrical install. I would’ve had the tile guys mix the tiles up a little more to my liking (I had some favorite patterns).
-I wish we had room for the pendant lights I had planned in the beam but they would’ve hung too low and obstructed the view for which I opened up the kitchen. It is a clean look and nothing to clean ☺
-The red mixer may or may not stay. It is my 16 year old DS's favorite color and we have used it for years in our baking projects (maybe emerald green???)

THE INSPIRATION (I love pottery!)



The glass hutch for dishes--seeded glass:

Tile floor:

Transition between saltillo tiles (throughout the house and I was not replacing) and new tile floor:

So many drawers!

Undercab lights:

Ceiling lights:

Bad pic but LED lights in beam over counter--all dimmable:

My husband's favorite--a TV--it has an arm that pulls out and can be watched from the counter--sorry for the small pics (iphone):

pantry cab insides (each of the three are 24 inches wide)

and yes we used one of our cabs for water--I wanted it hidden and we have the shelves in case we change our minds later:

The seam (we got so lucky it was small and they did a great job):

The seam from a bit further back:

One more angle (that is the door to the garage--it may or may not end up with a chalkboard insert)

Thanks again and good luck on your projects!

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It looks fabulous! I love your inspiration pottery bowl and the colour looks terrific on your backsplash!

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Your new kitchen is amazing!!! Fabulous job!!!

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It looks great! I love the blue blacksplash and the pretty crystal knobs on the glass cabinets.

Enjoy your new open space!!!

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I really love so many of your choices, Alexx, including that wonderful floor, backsplash, seeded glass, solid counters, those sparkly crystal knobs on just those cabinets, and like all the rest a lot. Of course the white. :) From here it really appears you nailed your inspiration bowl.

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Congratulations. It is gorgeous! I am saving it as one of my inspiration kitchens. Enjoy!

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Oh, wow, if I weren't finished with my reno, this would definitely go in my inspiration file! All the elements are classic (I know I'm not supposed to use that word!) and simple on their own, but are breathtaking together. Beautiful balance!

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Beautiful! Love love love the floor tile and the cabinets (I may be biased, going for the same look :-)

Such a fantastic change, enjoy your gorgeous new space!

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Great kitchen! Enjoy!!!

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Great job. I love all of your choices. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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That is a fantastic transformation. You must feel like your living in a dream. It looks so serene and yet it is now part of the action area of the house. Good call using the blue tile for your backsplash. I bet you are enjoying the extra countertop space. Looks like you have plenty of cabinets so its great that you were able to hide the water cooler.
Congratulations. hope you have many, many years of good times in your beautiful kitchen.

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I love the Diamond Cabinets in the Coconut paint with the shaker look! I love the hardware chosen. I love the new tile floors that looks like wood. I love the appliance choices. I really love the changes made in your kitchen and I appreciate you sharing.

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Happy to see your blue backsplash. Mine is going in next week - although they are 4 inch squares. I'm a little nervous about it, but my kitchen is white cabinets and white counter, so I'm feeling the need for some color.

I have similar (or the same) pulls as you too.


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I love the blue tiles! Very serene and pretty. The tile floor is great too. So many nice touches! I did the same thing with my water cooler. I like having it hidden and I didn't want water in the door of the fridge, so it worked out well for me too. Congrats on your new kitchen! Very pretty.

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Very well done! I love the colors you chose and it looks like a nice functional space with loads of storage. I love the idea of hiding the water. I love the floors and may use those in our bathroom.

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I love the way you opened it up and made use of the space. LOVE the wall of cabinets and your wall tile. It really makes the space.

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Congratulations--it looks beautiful! I love all of your touches--the blue tile from Ann Sacks is gorgeous!

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Awesome, love it. - we also used gray, blue and white in our kitchen remodel. I find the colors very calming. Your finished kitchen is beautiful!

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What a lovely kitchen! In the midst of finalizing our layout now, and will definitely be coming back to your kitchen for ideas on finishes. So thank you for all the details!

And any feedback on the 4 door Samsung? that is an option we are considering (in CD.)

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Congratulations! I think we started on the journey about the same time, and I am limping to the finish line. I too, have grey counters and white cabinets.

Love how you opened up the room! The blue is beautiful and I admire your solution for the water cooler and all that storage on that side of the room. The lighting above the bar was creative as well.

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Holly- Kay

Oh my goodness what a lovely kitchen. You did a wonderful job pulling everything together! I just love the pretty glass knobs and your backsplah is gorgeous!

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So pretty with the calming ocean blue tile. It's awesome!

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Love it! The blue tile really looks great. Enjoy many years of happy family times in that space!

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I like how your counter top color blends with the grout color of your saltillo tile and your kitchen flooring wood look tile main color.

I am 80% sure I am going to do a wood look tile, only I'm looking for a white-washed brown or white-washed blond color.

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Lovely new kitchen - your pottery is simply beautiful and you did an amazing job bringing your inspiration piece to life in all of your design elements.


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Beautiful! I love your inspiration and I love how it turned out. Enjoy!!

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I love the red accent of the mixer, it is a great pop of color with the blue tiles. Also love your floor tile, nice job!

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Wow, that came out great! Love the tiles and floor. It has such a clean, peaceful look.

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Thank you all for the kind words. @melissat99: I got the fridge because my best friend (5 in her family) has it and raved about it. We've just started using it and love it but is huge though. Not sure abou the space in a counter depth size. If I had known better, I might have pushed for no water/ice on door since that takes up some inside storage space and we have bottled water (hidden in pantry) for regular drinking. But my husband really wanted the ice dispenser so okay ;)

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Thanks for the fridge feedback!

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That's a wonderful redo! Your tiles are so pretty and I really love the pantry wall with the water dispenser and everything. Really a beautiful space that you've made.

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Everything is sooooo lovely! You really did an amazing job!

As a former potter myself, I can see you have quite the collection! Did you make your bowls and mugs? They are gorgeous :)

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Oh my goodness, that is beautiful! Look at all that storage! You must be thrilled!

Congratulations and ENJOY!

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What a great change to your home! Very open and inviting. Love the blues.

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Just lovely! I do like a galley kitchen. Great colors, so cool and calm. Congratulations!

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@heidihausfrau: I am not a potter, just of lover of pottery that is functional and beautiful.

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that is beautiful! it suits your inspiration exactly! your backsplash is so gorgeous!

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What a great kitchen. I love all your choices, starting with your inspiration pottery bowl, right down to your simple lighting scheme. Very refreshing to have no big light fixtures.

Everything is beautiful and calem, and looks easy to maintain -- my kind of ktichen!

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Love it! Wonderful job of bringing your vision to life. I'm drooling over the backsplash.

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I love the color choices. Your floor contained blues and grays that tied everything together perfectly. Congratulations.

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Wow, what a great transformation! Love the stools and blue tile backsplash. It looks like it would be so comfortable to cook in. Great decisions on everything!

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Alexx - I really love your kitchen! It came out beautifully!!

I have a question about your counters.

I am doing a similar look with the white shaker cabs (framed w/full overlay) and quartz (Caesarstone Raven) countertops.

I will also be doing a mitered edge with a 1.5" overhang.

My question is ... how far do your counters project past your cabinet boxes, as well as past the doors/drawer fronts.

There is some dispute between my cabinet maker and the countertop folks. Cabinet maker says I should have a 1" projection past the doors/drawer fronts, while the countertop folks are suggesting a "flush" appearance (not truly flush, but more like a 1/4" projection).

Can you tell me what yours are?

And if anyone reading this has suggestions or advice, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2013 at 2:01PM
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Bump! Alexx are you there? :)

    Bookmark   January 2, 2014 at 3:32PM
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