Gift ideas for Graduation? Help!

sadiesmomJune 12, 2002

My nephew has recently graduated from high school. I want to give him a graduation gift that will last for a long time (but not electronics). Preferably something under $75. Any ideas? I am getting desparate!

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Books last. You could get him a huge unabridged dictionary (they have Webster's unabridged at Barnes & Noble for $25 right now, I was just there last night) and a good thesaurus, if he is going to college. Nine Steps to Financial Freedom is a good book for anyone, just starting out or not. If he will be moving out, a package of kitchen basics would be helpful - for instance: silverware, cups, plates & bowls for four, a mixing bowl or two, a plastic pitcher for juice, a few wooden spoons, spatula, can opener, a nonstick frying pan and a small stockpot. You could get all that for under $75 at IKEA. Also, ask his parents, they might know what he needs.

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I get the impression you want to get him something REALLY special.

Get him a keychain or ball point pen from Tiffany & Company. They have lots of things in the price range you're talking about.

There's something magical about getting something in one of those blue boxes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiffany & Company

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Okay, I appreciate the ideas so far but I have to tell more about him: he's somewhat irresponsible--a key chain would be lost in a few weeks and a savings bond would be cashed in for money to buy music. He got really good grades in school but he has not committed to going off to college in the fall! Sheesh. So what ever I get him has to be something he can't return and can't lose. One thing I thought of was a nice leather photo album with a nice note saying that it represented all of the yet to be enjoyed fun and special memories. If it has him name engraved on it, he can't return it right? Or, what about a nice desk lamp? If I do that do you think it should be a cool, trendy one or a classic style?

Carlotta--thanks for the link--I might get my niece who just graduated from college with a teaching degree something from there!
Anita--I'll check out the financial freedom book you recommended--sounds like it might be just the thing for this particular person!

Any other ideas?

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Maybe a little out of your budget but something nice to have that will last is a good sleeping bag - if he likes to camp at all. My mom got me a -20 sleeping bag and a hiking backpack from The North Face for HS graduation, and her parents had given her the same thing for her graduation. Kind of a get out of here gift! But high-quality camping equipment lasts forever (usually has lifetime guarantees) and contributes to wonderful experiences.

The memories of the summer between high school and college (or not college I guess) last longer than stuff I think. Maybe there is a music festival that he wants to go to with his friends and you could get him a ticket.

Or you could give him a camera. Those advantix cameras take great pictures and are cheap enough ($30 I think) that you could also buy him a summer's worth of film and the album you mentioned.

Have you tried a web search on "graduation gift?" I remember I did this once and found a suprising number of ideas.

Boys are so hard to shop for!

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don't get him any unabridged dictionary that costs less than $50--they're just not good enough. The Merriam-Webster and Random House brand are good, but their unabridged are about $70. Just because it says "Websters" doesn't mean it's good. Believe me, I know about dictionaries bcs I'm a professional copyeditor, and every one I've seen that was inexpensive was not very good--not complete; includes stupid words--a waste of money.

I like the Financial Freedom book Anita9 recommended, and if he weren't irresponsible, I'd second the vote for Tiffany stuff.

What about suitcases? My family's standard h.s. graduation gift was a set of luggage--the ultimate "you're on your own" message! LOL. (but in our family, it really did have a meaning of ultimate grown-upness, since we moved up from sharing mom's suitcase to sharing w/ a sibling to having our own that was part of a 4-suitcase trunk, to borrowing our own of mom and dad's. having out own suitcase was a symbol for not needing permission to go anywhere.)

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I got a good suitcase for my graduation years ago. And I got the same thing recently when my niece graduated. With college, trips, etc coming soon, the suitcase will come in handy.

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thanks for the ideas--I do like both the sleeping bag and suitcase idea. I'll ask his parents about both. I'm leaving for two weeks (vacation to Florida--yeah!) so I won't be able to respond to any more ideas until I get back but I will be interested to see if there are other good ideas. Thanks

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Look at a discount store like Marshalls or Ross or TJ Maxx and get a nice roller weekend suitcase. You will definitely be able to find a sturdy one for your budget.

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My nephew's class is doing projects all year on going green. He told me about this site they are using for graduation announcements:
I think it is brilliant! AND it's free but the kids can get monetary gifts through it too if people just want to send them cash. Of course he asked me for an Iphone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free Graduation Announcement Site

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A graduate prefers gifts that are not only useful but also last a long time.
I read an article about top 3 ideas. Share with you. You can select one from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top 3 Graduation Gift Ideas

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