Venting for range hood

rhoda_dendronJune 30, 2013

Is this the right venting for a range hood. It doesnt look smooth to me, and i think te range hood should be more powerful. I think it s around 400 cfm.
Thanks fir any help!

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If that's 8", or even 6", ducting, I can't tell from the picture, it may be adequate. What does the range hood call for?
Personally, I'd prefer a roof mounted fan which draws the exhaust out, rather than a standard range hood fan trying to push the exhaust up to the roof. It's also quieter in the kitchen.

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No, flex duct is against code. Rigid metal only. And it only looks like 4" which will barely carry 250 CFM. You will need to redo this all the way through the roof with larger rigid ducting..

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