Gutters Now? Roof in a Few Years?

mldiggsJune 15, 2009

We need to replace our gutters before Fall. It's a long story involving a shady contractor and a lawsuit. Regardless of the melodrama, we need new gutters before the rain returns, but we also know that we will need a new roof in 3-5 years.

I have always heard that it's good to do roof and gutters at the same time, but is it essential? If we just do the gutters now, will we need to replace them again in 5 years when we replace the roof, or will an damage be done to the gutters in the roof replacement process?

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for full roof replacement it is often necessary to remove the gutters. Aluminum gutters will likely get bent and damaged during the removal process and may or may not be salvagable. Because of this, If you have seamless aluminum gutters most roofers want to replace when they re-roof.

Vinyl, wood, copper, gutters can likely be removed and salvaged without too much difficulty but the roofer may charge more because of the additional effort/care required during the old roof rip-off phase.

Hope this helps.

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