Need Advice- Window Frame Crushed on corner

MikeDebJune 22, 2013

We are considering purchasing a home. During the home inspection several of the windows were noted as having issues. Vinyl windows are clear, so seal is okay. One corner on several are crush (similar to pressure being placed on top of the frame causing slight bending at bottom. We are unsure of what has caused the crushing in the corners. Home is brick and the inspector has the structure was not causing it. Any ideas?

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Without pictures there is no way of knowing for certain, even then it just may be a guess without seeing the whole structure.

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Sounds like brick bind to me. Is the outside sill of the window hard against the brick, or is there a caulk-filled gap of a least 1/4"
If there is no gap, your house might be crushing your windows, AKA brick bind.
As the wood framing of the house dries with age, it shrinks, and brick doesn't shrink, hence the need for a gap.
The windows frequently get the blame, and they're just the messenger.

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