happylady1957August 11, 2008

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with Hydro-Sil? Portable radiators that plug-in or can be hard wired.

We have a couple of really cold rooms in this 130 y/o Victorian, and old man Winter is coming!


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Don't know HS, but recently bought these (see link) and plan to use them this winter... /www.eheat.com.

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The idea is good, but I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews on them. No personal experience with them though.

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We have 3 portable radiator heaters that keep the house nice and toasty. They did use more power than I expected, but it was probably no worse than the cost of propane. I like them better than gas heat because they don't dry out everything.

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Hello I purchased a Hydro Sil wall heater (their top of line product). I web ordered with the large advertisement info they do in major weekend papers. After a week I received an invoice (I had credit card ordered), after 2 weeks of seeing the awaiting shipping as status, and no response from them x e-mail, I called- the rep tells me well that wont ship until Feb!! Due to economy its built to order. No one else to speak to! Do not purchase from these idiots!I am an HVAC contractor and a Utility Co. Res Conservation administrator-not acceptable-BBB contacted!!!

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