Water on bottom side of gutter

daved314June 19, 2014


I've noticed that when it rains typically water collects on the bottom side of my gutter. I first realized it when I saw that the stone step in front of my porch was wet long after it rained and even when it didn't rain in many cases.

The water falling on the step was dripping from the gutter near an outside miter so I sealed the miter the best I could.

It finally rained for a while today and I noticed that there were water droplets along the entire length of the gutter (see attached photograph). Is this normal? My step was once again wet but it may not have been as bad as it had been in the past. Over the winter I was constantly fighting ice forming on the step and I want to ensure that does not happen again this year.

Any advise?


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Start by running the hose in all gutters and checking for trash including downspouts. After everything is clean,see if water ponds anywhere. If so the gutters need remounted and leveled. Come back after that.

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When it rains, some drops fall in the gutter, some miss the gutter, and some hit precisely at the gutter edge, and run down the outside. If you have low spots where you have indicated in the photos, water would tend to accumulate there for a while. I don't think its a big deal if there are no other obvious issues.

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