Move dryer hookups from left to right?

jaxoJune 23, 2013

My front loading washer needs to be on the left for better usability due to the way the doors swing, but the dryer connections are in that spot. So, as a workaround, there is extended exhaust vent tubing and a longer gas line connection tube so the dryer can reach the left side connections from the right side.
I may be replacing the washer and dryer and the some of the larger new sets will not fit unless they can be pushed all the way back close to touching the wall
Rather than continuing to use the exposed ducting extensions that prevents the washer and dryer from being pushed back to the wall, I'm thinking of seeing if the exhaust hookup can be moved.
Maybe remove the drywall and add a new section of ducting on the right side and then replace the drywall, retexture and refinish?
Does this look possible or is it impractical?
I have a link below showing what it looks like behind the current washer and dryer.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If it leads to an unfinished basement immediately below, fairly easy. If not, it gets more complicated. Just how complicated depends a lot on the route of the ducting.

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I can't understand why front loaders can't be made to open either way (or have opposite opening a special order option). I have the same problem in my laundry room - so when the time comes to replace, I'll get top loaders.

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The european w&d have dryer on left, washer on right ( miele). They are expensive, but it sounds like your house is already designed for them.

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I don't recommend buying appliances from a manufacturer that would make a unit so you cannot switch the door hinging, either on the washer or the dryer, as you may not need to switch them both.

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