Saving packing paper/am I nuts?

wish2okcAugust 14, 2006

After a corporate type, paid for move, I'll break down the good professional mover boxes and lots of the packing paper as well and save it all for the next move, just in case its one we have to pay for ourselves. Do you all think this is nuts? It takes some doing to smooth out all that packing paper!

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I would not save the paper.... heck, I wouldn't even save the boxes. They'll just harbor bugs.

I'm not one to save things for 'just in case'... I 'use it or lose it"!

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My motto: I need a place to live my life, not store my life. List the stuff on Freecycle and let someone else benefit. I've frequently paid for moving supplies and it didn't cost that much. How much is your living space costing you to store that? In my house, it would be some pretty darn expensive storage for cardboard and paper.

The only time I would save it is if I KNEW I would be moving in less than a year. Then, I probably wouldn't even unpack anything except for clothing and kitchen stuff.

The world will provide boxes when the time comes. I don't think there is a shortage of those!


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I've never actually paid for boxes and packing to move house. We've allways used free card boxes (most businesses will give them away as they'll only take up room in their rubish) and crumpled newspapers for breakable items.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

While I save a variety of a few boxes of different sizes, I probably wouldn't store moving boxes or the paper....for just in case.

Boxes are pretty easy to get, though it takes numerous times to get as many as one needs of various sizes to pack up a house. I once helped a friend pack up a household to go to an auction, when MIL went to the nursing home. We were afforded the luxury of doing it over a long period of time, so I would have more boxes gathered up for each 'workday'.

I agree, boxes can harbor bugs.

Since they are such nice boxes though, might you want to offer them up on freecycle, or advertise to give them away to someone who needs them now or in the near future?

Newspaper free from the recycle bin would work as well as the packing paper...wouldn't it?

Maybe let it go with the boxes?


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We also had a corporate type, paid for move 1 1/2 years ago. I broke down a bunch of the boxes and stacked them vertically against the wall behind some heavy articles in the garage. But they don't take up excess room, IMHO.

I also did this because of the fear of us having to move without the help of a company next time. I've also used some of those boxes since I broke them down. I didn't keep the packing paper that was in the boxes but the movers had an extra roll of paper that they didn't use and I kept that.

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We just had a corporate move and we're staying in a rental until we buy a house (but we have to sell our house first- but that's for another forum). We thought of keeping the boxes/papers for our next move, since it's shouldn't be too long, but I thought of the bugs! That's eewwww, I don't wanna bring the bugs to my next house. So we just broke them down and out to the recycling bin they went.

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