Breakaway Rain Gutters?

kbolsterJune 25, 2011


We have a cape cod style home and have ice issues. We have insulated as much as we can in the attic and just have to deal w/ the fact that we have major melt and ice buildup in the winter. We live in Syracuse, NY so we get a TON of snow.

Two years ago our front seamless gutters ripped off the roof due to the weight of the ice, this year the back gutters did the same ripping up the fascia and bending up the drip edge (we'll have to fix that but not sure what direction to take).

We're thinking traditional gutters will not work, they'll just keep pulling off and wrecking the fascia/drip edge, not to mention the help create ice buildup in the winter. I've thought of rainhandler ( but am not sold on it.

Is there a product that is a "breakaway" gutter? One that is either a clip or an actual gutter that just flops down under a certain weight so as to not rip out of the fascia? The same idea as a breakaway rim? This would be great for us. I can find a link to a patent for such a gutter online from 1998 but can't find anything that is actually available to purchase? Does anyone know of anything like this or anything we could do ourselves that would help us out?

Thanks in advance.

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Would it be easier to install the heating coils to melt the ice?

We have not used them, but I saw several of them up in PA.

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