Teacher and cell phone

SAG1June 26, 2002

I just found out my nieces' summer school teacher was doing prank phone calls from his cell phone for the amusement of the kids. My nieces are 10 and 8. Should I report this?

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meaning he was spending class time making calls while students observed? yes report to administration.

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Was he calling people he knew? Probably. Lighten up. They were probably just having some fun. They are in summer school for crying out loud. They have got to find happiness somehow.

How would you like it if you worked with a bunch of mentally underdeveloped people who were chronic exaggerators (children in other words) and whatever they said, other people believed it and reported it straight to your boss?

If you are upset, talk to the TEACHER first. Treat the man with some respect. You would expect as much from him.

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Talk to the teacher... See what was actually taking place...Don't just jump to some quick conclusion.. Find out what learning is taking place.. Get you facts then go from there.. Either pursue or drop it...

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Anita and Gardenboy are right in my opinion...you should give the teacher the respect he deserves and approach him before reporting the incident, wouldn't you want (and deserve?) the same treatment yourself?

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I'll bet he didn't actually dial any numbers. But I do agree that I would not report him without first discussing with him.

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I also agree, discuss it with the teacher first. I also agree that he shouldn't be making crank calls, especially with the kids watching (if that's what he was doing).

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So what did you find out?

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