Garage Door closing - awful noise

threedgradJune 12, 2006

I am thinking I need to grease the metal rails but not sure. What kind of grease or oil do you use? Thanks.

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An "awful" noise might indicate a problem more severe than just a lack of lubrication. You might want to disconnect the opener (if necessary) and open/close the door by hand to see if you an identify the sounce of the trouble.

As a quick fix you try a little spray lubricant (WD-40, etc.). Those types of products don't offer a lot in the way of long term lubrication but it should give you an indication if lubrication will fix the problem. If it does, visit your local bicycle shop. They'll have lubricants for bike chains that won't attract dirt.


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threedgrad, mine sounds like an airplane taking off - YES, it is that loud. I found some garage door opener spray lube and it didn't do a single thing. Good thing I'm moving this week as I don't know if the loud noise means failure or what.

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I just had a new garage door hung about 6 months ago although I kept the original opener. I replaced the broken wood door with an insulated steel door. I will try using the WD-40 to start with. Thanks.

Good luck Lisa on your move. I, too, will be moving in a few months. It's a HUGE project getting the house ready for sale, packing, clearing out clutter, moving 9 animals and me across the country.

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I've just joined. We've lived in our home for 23 years and added on 1200 ft2 to our existing ranch (did the work ourselves).

We fix our noisy garage door opener with white lithium grease. It was recommended by our local garage door company. It comes in a tube, is very thick, but does the trick. Local hardware stores carry it. We especially have noise in the winter. (Ohio)

Hope that helps.

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