Free college education--our military academies

sheilajoyce_gwJune 8, 2003

I have been attending our high school Senior Awards nights this past two weeks. I am so impressed with the students who have been acdcepted to the military academies. It is hard work, but all free. They get free uniforms, room board, tuition, books and even earn a salary. One trip home a year may be included too. Someone once said the value of a West Point, Annapolis or Air Force Academy education--something like $500,000, I think. Can't remember for sure. Anyhow, as these students' appointments were announced at our awards nights, their entire class cheered so enthusiastically, and the parents too. Really heart warming.

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Yes, just be aware that the state of world affairs will also affect them. They are beautiful schools and the education is wonderful though. As long as they are prepared to serve if needed, it is truly a great thing.

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I second Cremin's comment... it isn't really a "free" education, especially in the current military situation. My cousin went through a military education to earn his medical degree. He received his entire education for "free" but has also had his life threatened and in jeopardy many times as he has been serving in the mid-east. So although I also applaud those who accept a military education, I also appluad those who seek a higher education at a non-military institution. It is great to see high-school grads continuing their education no matter how they do it.

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I have brothers who attended the Coast Guard Academy. It is the only totally academic appointment academy, the others are political appointments (yes, you must have the GPA to qualify for the others, but also need your senator or congressman to recommend your appointment).

They earned a degree, were paid a salary and got to go on "trips" every summer. One brother went to Europe on a cruise, the other toured the US. Both learned how to fly a heliocopter. There were no free trips home, and many other rules, like no marriage before graduation, no fathering children before graduation, no buying a car before their Jr. year. Mandatory dance lessons, dicipline in the form of walking tours, physical task or weekend passes revoked.

The education from all the academies is great, and wearing that ring is recognized throughout academia. Deciding if the commitment pledged to the military and the country in exchange is an individual choice. It is not for everyone, but for thoses who continue to make the choice -- Thanks.


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I would not really consider it free as you are dedicating control of years of your life to the military. It can be considered a pretty big trade off, especially trying to make that decision at such a young age. But the education and experience they get from the academies will make for a very successful individual from my experience.

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Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as a free lunch. By enrolling/enlisting at this type of school, the student voluntarily gives up a certain amount of his or her life and time to whatever cause, war, military action etc. the government deems necessary. There is no quitting, no dropping out, no changing your mind. There is no - "I disagree with this or that so I won't participate". There is no turning back. There are more than a few documented cases of some very unpleasant things happening to young ladies in very prestigious military schools.

You are seeking a free education? Try the FAFSA.

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Scarlet, "unpleasant things" can and do happen at any university.

The FAFSA will certainly not give you a "free" education.

A military school is not for everyone, but it's certainly something to consider. When it's said to be "free," that pertains to the tuition and expenses connected with attendance. Yes, there is an obligation afterwards.

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