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casey_waAugust 31, 2008

I needed five gallons of an off-white paint for the inside of my garage. Did not want to spend the $30 to $45 per gallon. I checked with the paint store staff for contractor/customer returns and they had a five gallon bucket of a tint close enough to use in the garage. Saved a lot of money because they wanted to get rid of it.

I will consider doing the same if I just need a gallon of paint...


" McDonagh"

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Some cities also recycle latex paints for free or cheap, but with a fairly limit range of colors since they mix ranges of shades together.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Francisco paint recycling

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We had a paint recycling program in my area but it was abandoned due to concerns about older paint donated having lead or even asbestos in it. It had been given to needy homeowners or businesses and also used for the graffiti abatement program.

I sure hope that is NOT why this recycled paint in SF is being sent out of the country to be used.

ReStore accepts unopened paint and sells it very cheap. Lots of colors available.

Lots of times I've seen Oooops paint at hardware stores in ivory, or seen numerous cans of the same color. (I would still blend them just to be sure).

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Thing about "cheap" paint -it can take twice as much paint to cover. Primer is not too costly and it helps a lot.

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No we're not talking about cheap paint we are talking about inexpensive paint. The paint that the OP casey was talking about was a contractor return and probably very expensive. Oooops paint can be got for $3-5/gal because someone did not like the way the color came out when it was mixed, or it was returned to the store. They are very expensive brands selling for ten times the price off the shelf. ReStore takes donated paint in unopened cans left over from job sites or discontinued brand/colors or store closings.

The paint is going to work as well as the other stuff off the shelf. You just can't be picky about color as the selection is limited and so are the quantities of each.

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"Thing about "cheap" paint -it can take twice as much paint to cover. Primer is not too costly and it helps a lot."

Primer is actually quite costly around here. I just had to buy a gallon and it's as expensive or more expensive than the paint itself. However if you try to use paint when primer is required, then yes you'll use far more paint. 2-3 times as much isn't uncommon and I've had problems that required more which I tried to skimp on primer. The fear of "cheap" paint is really not substantiated. I'll buy primer and go with a cheap paint. A good source is farm supply stores and get farm paints. Fewer colors, but good paint for low prices.

The first time I painted my house, I bought a premium paint and had to give multiple coats. I don't recall the price but it was very expensive but I was fooled like so many into believing you get what you pay for (boy have I learned how untrue that often is!). Next time I said forget it. I bought primer for $35 per 5 gallon pail and farm house paint in a 2 gallon pail for $5. That paint lasted twice as long as the "premium" paint! I bought another name brand the last time I painted but didn't go crazy on price and it's been fine. Couldn't get the farm paint or would have again.

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