Just got a bonus (well-deserved, of course!)

joyfulguyAugust 25, 2005

Yesterday on the way in from feeding the cats in the barn, I noticed something in the pasture like a ball, big and white, about 30 feet to the left of the path.

When I walked over to check it, it was a big white ball about 15" x 12" or so, with smooth slightly cream-coloured surface, rather spongy to the touch.

Pulled it free, took it into the house - it was quite light in weight.

Gave half to my landlord, who said it was, as I expected, a puffball and was really pleased when I gave about half of it to him - it is his farm, after all.

He said to fry it in the pan with butter, that it would shrink substantially, as it is spongy like foam rubber.

Cooked up some last night to have with potato and hamburger stew, boiled celery and fresh tomato. It has an attractive and delicate, though somewhat bland taste.

Gave some to another neighbour last evening, some to a friend this morning (he owed me money, some of which he paid this morning, so that was sort of in the way of appreciation).

I also took some to my daughter's (her Mom's home, that now has a "For Sale" sign in front - if you'd like a nice, middle level home in London, give us a call).

It'll be a new experience for her.

Son should enjoy it, as he likes portobello mushrooms.

Puffballs, like the portobellos, would be pretty expensive in the store, I imagine.

So - that was my rather unexpected adventure for the past day.

Plus tasty and (possibly somewhat) nutritious.

Cost-free, too - can't beat that.

I hope that something special and interesting (without deleterious side-effects) happens along your path, this week, also.

ole joyful

P.S. They say that eating puffballs isn't risky - but, if it might be, I guess I escaped deadly consequences: I'm still here.

o j

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What a fun surprise and a great story. I don't know anything about wild mushrooms, but remember my folks picking them and explaining that you really had to know what you were doing. They used to cook up large frying pans full of them but they never let us kids eat any just in case there was a bad one in the bunch.

I just buy mine in the store and I'm still leary.

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Some questioned the other day whether, since they hadn't heard from me, the puffball had killed me.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


ole joyful

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