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Michele57069June 16, 2013

when the weather was cold my furnace stopped blowing hot air, it just blew cold air out. But now that it is hot outside i switched it to air and the air runs constantly it isnt running on auto and i am not for sure i was thinking it was the ignition switch what do you guys think?

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No heat could be lots of things. Most furnaces have multiple systems to prevent fire and you really need to have a decent knowledge of hot it's supposed to work in order to troubleshoot it. Of course, it could be something as simple as an ignitor.

Throw into the mix a constantly running blower fan in cool, and it could be more things. I might think about a bad control board.

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I think you need to call in a technician to look at it. There are so many variables as Mike said. Unless you can do some electronic checks on the system yourself it's time for a techie to troubleshoot for you.

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