OT: If they don't want an opinion , don't knock on my door.

budsterAugust 7, 2008

Case in point, my area is having water meters installed. You pay for what you use, of course the local papers are all full of the "can't waits" and the "we don't wants". The other day a young lady knocked on the door from the regional district with a questionaire concerning the water meters. We answered the questions but unfortunately the way they were worded, when the results were read it could be taken as either for or against. When we pointed this out to the young lady (who was only hired to do this survey) she said that was the formatt and she was only to ask questions and record the answers. We continued with the survey and raised many concerns over wording.....finally we completed the whole thing and as the girl walked away (in relief I'm sure) her buddy who had been waiting in the driveway having completed her side of the street made a comment on her finally getting away from us......my point, if you don't want an opinion than leave me in peace. LOL - and this just posting just proves how long winded I can be!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

LMAO...I'd probably have been answering the same way you were...or I would have told her to leave the questionable ones blank...and if she couldn't/wouldn't, then I would have just said I could not do the survey. It must have sounded like a bunch of morons gave it no thought and never read it before sending it out to be used.

I (and my boss) always hated it at work when he would give simple instructions for what he called a simple assignment. I knew all the different things that could come up, better than he did, as it was not always as black and white as he made it seem. I'd always have a lot more questions that what he would have answers. We often butted heads.


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Boy Sue, I know how it is with a boss like that! I got more "just do as I ask and quit making it so complicated!!!"s than I knew what to do with. LOL

That survey reminds me of my city. Every few years they contract a survey outfit to survey the residents on things they like and dislike. But there too, the questions are SO poorly stated that they will be taken as 99.98% are hysterically happy living here. And we pay something like $30,000.00 for that. I've made my thoughts on it very clear and always fill it out.

BTW, budster, don't think it's off-topic at all. These surveys are a waste of money, hence very on-topic IMO!

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For heaven's sake, take it up with the people who ordered the survey, not the poor girl who was only trying to make a few dollars!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

For heaven's sake, take it up with the people who ordered the survey, not the poor girl who was only trying to make a few dollars!

Well, at least the poor girl can let her superior know just what problems she encountered due to the poor wording. When I have dealt with such things with poor girls I always did so in a super nice manner, let them know that I realized the confusion in the wording was not their fault, and asked that they convey the problem to a superior. Chances are that the poor girls are not paid enough 'to care' though, as seen in so many low wage jobs.

If other folks responding to the survey did not have a problem with the ill worded questions, they were
A. Not quick enough to see them as trick ill worded questions that could be taken more than one way
B. Did not care
C. Did not have or take the time to think before responding.

Thus....thousands of someone's dollars just wasted. It is particularly sad when it is the taxpayer's dollars that are wasted.

Just my 2 cents.....


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Yeah, the republicans have already learned that lesson about me, as have the Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, etc.

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They knock on my door and want my opinion - then they get it no matter how long it takes..........she was doing it for a wage and I think my time is just as worthwhile.

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I'm with you, Budster - you don't want answers to your damn-fool questions ... don't come to my door!

Did you get a copy of the offending questionnaire?

I'd be paying a visit to the contracting authority, to draw their attention to how useless the replies to the question would be ...

... as Dad used to say, "As useless as tits on a boar" (Dad may have known from "teats" - but that was what he said).

Have a happy, literate, plain-spoken day.

ole joyful

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"For heaven's sake, take it up with the people who ordered the survey, not the poor girl who was only trying to make a few dollars!"

Should I also not blame the poor kid who robbed the liquor store who was only trying to make a few dollars? To me, when a person takes a job like that, they KNOW they're harassing people, and it's no more defensible than a telemarketer. THEY are invading OUR privacy. And like the one who would rob a store, they better be prepared for the consequences if they get caught.

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While I may not enjoy dealing with telemarketers ...

... I don't equate them with people that rob gas stations, convenience stores, etc.

One's legal (even if unpleasant for the victim) - the other ain't!

The ones that get my goat are the ones where the phone rings ... I run from a distance ... answer ...

... no response.

Line sounds dead.

I wait for while.

Dead line.

Eventually, I get a busy signal.

Variation: The other day, after I responded, dead line for a bit, after an interval a voice said, "Please wait while I transfer you".

Dead line again.


Eventually ... busy signal.

I guess that the line with the warm body at the other end had a problem - the warm body was busy talking to someone else, couldn't tear him/herself away!

So ... having been transferred ... I was left cooling my heels.


ole joyful

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I did market research (and sales audits)for years and the surveys we are seeing today are a far cry from the ones I did where the manufacturer, bank/service, advertising co, whatever, really wanted to know peoples perceptions or experience. Anyone remember real customer service? The input they received for their expediture gave honest feedback and helped them develop or improve what people really wanted and thought.

All I see now are surveys skewed to validate their own preconceived notions and are biased from the get-go. Mailed political ones are the worst. Guaranteed their last question will be "do you believe strongly enough in these principles to donate..." but the phone ones are just as bad.

Frankly, I'm surprised people are still knocking on doors to do surveys. The combination of safety concerns and two income families pretty much curtailed them around here quite a while ago. Sandy (who also has a problem with the questions, and let's them know)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Just the other night I filled out a survey on line concerning the United States Postal Services service of scheduling parcel pick up on line. I gave them a total disapproval rating in several places, and even explained what the problem was that I had experienced. Frankly I suspect it will fall upon deaf ears....and was all for nothing. At any rate, I'm not counting on my opinion counting for anything.

I'll try and explain my beef with them later. I don't have the time and energy to get all upset about it at the moment.


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breenthumb asks....Anyone remember real customer service?

Is that the thing where a human being answers a phone and asks "how may I help you?"

I think I can still find something like that in my memory:)

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Yes, and it wasn't after a dozen entries to "press 1 for english, enter your phone #, zip, mother's maiden name". Sandy

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