Has anyone ever tried

heather_onFebruary 1, 2004

Putting cross stitching in scrapbooks?

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No, but it sounds like a great idea. It would really make the page extra-special!

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I have never done that either. Sounds good, but when I cross stitch anything, I usually give it away.
Are you going to put a x-stitch in your album?

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I have a couple that I am thinking of trying.

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I did see some cross stitching in a scrapbook in one of my scrapbook magazines. It was simple stitching around a picture and then some daisy chains in the corners.

Looked great. Someday, I am going to try that as well.

I have been scrapbooking since October. I didn't think I would like it at all. I bought a bunch of stuff at a friends CM party, but didn't use it for 6 months. Another friend has been trying to get me to scrapbook for a couple of years, but I kept resisting since I am not artistic or creative. I finally relented and went on to weekend cropfest in Indiana. I knew that this would tell me if I would like it or not.

Well, I LOVED IT!!! I completed 11 pages that weekend. It took me quite awhile to organize my pictures and stuff, but once I was done with that, I went to town. I had so much fun. The other ladies were so nice to share their ideas and their supplies. I got a few more days between the holidays while my boys were visiting their father. Completed 6 more pages.

I am working on soccer albums for both my boys. 1 is 15 and the other is 10. I have so many pictures, newpaper articles and such. The school colors are black and red, so I have been doing everything in that color scheme with some other colors mixed in.

I have teased my friend that she created a monster when she got me into this. I have purchased a ton of additional supplies off websites and scrapbook stores. Whenever I travel now, I look for a scrapbook store!! : ) My husband has been great about it. His career field is graphics, so some of this stuff is right up his alley.

I have also gotten into card making. I belong to a Close to my H**rt monthly stamp club so I am collecting alot of great stamps and stuff. CM and Close to my H**rt are 2 great suppliers for any who is not familiar with these companies. They both compliment each other. It is too bad that Close to my H**rt will not allow their consultants to also sell CM. This would be a great business to be in. One stop shopping basically.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and on. I hope to get great ideas from this post as well.

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I did put a cross stitch picture in my album. It was a Precious Moments girl with boxing gloves on. What I did was ravel the aida cloth all of the way around for about 6 squares. Then I stitched it in a running stitch and embroidery floss all around the edge about 2 squares in. I stitched it directly to the cardstock paper. Then I added a tag that said "Life is worth fighting for". I didn't like the way that they had done these words in the pattern. It turned out to be a great edition to my scrapbook.

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Heather that sounds like a great idea.I've always wanted to take up scrapbooking,but somehow have never found the time.(So many ideas, So little time)!If you have it finished,can we all see it in June?

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Sure! You can see all my books. Scrapbooking is addictive. I'm taking some classes now and thought I knew all the techniques but I'm finding so much more.

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