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MommabearMay 23, 2002

I had a thread going at one time about having my son tested so that he could participate in the gifted program in his school. His testing is complete and I got a call from the psychologist indicating that he qualifies for the program in our school and the someone would call me to set up a staffing meeting.

Does anyone know what I can expect at one of these meetings? Do I need to prepare anything? I am not sure why, but I am a little nervous.


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Do not be nervous. They will probably explain his test scoring to you--his strengths and comparative weaknesses. The test may have even identified how he learns best. Then they will undoubtedly discuss his teacher or class assignment and any specific support the home may be expected to provide such as computer access, projects, summer reading, etc.

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Don't worry about it too much. They will first discuss his test results. Do those results sound like your son? You know him better than anyone, so if they are mistaken, you would be the one to know it the most.

Then they will discuss what exactly to do with him. There is likely a fairly standard TAG program or way of doing things at your school, so this won't be "golly-gee, what will we do now?" but more "it seems he would fit into program C well, what do you think?"

You will want to ask if they suggest anything out of the ordinary for him over summer. And ask what do you do if once he is in the program, you realize it really isn't right for him. Ask him, during some relaxed time before the meeting, what does he think about him doing TAG. Wear the type of clothes you would wear if you were going in to volunteer in his classroom, or whatever you normally wear to work, whichever seems most appropriate.

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Don't worry. I've been to one of those meetings. My daughter might I say teacher for the gifted program was not so good. Later the next teacher after this teacher left I heard was good. I can say she really didn't get to experience in grammar school what other schools around with this program did. I think the program will be great for your son though.

The teacher will probably tell you a little about the cirriculum she is going to use. She may be really good and help bring out any areas that you son is really advanced in. Of course she may not know that quite yet(even though he took an I.Q. test or some other type of test)

Anyhow I wouldn't worry about it. Like any Parent/Teacher meeting I would bring some paper and a pen to write down anything that you want to have a record of (In case your memory fails you on some of the topics) or anything you think you might have questions about later.

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Just wishing you luck, I have not had experience with any gifted programs with my kids....HOPE it all goes smoothly!! :)

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All of our children were in the gifted program. Good luck.... You will do fine.....

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So what happened Mommabear????

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The staffing meeting is set for June 4. I saw my son's teacher at our PTP meeting and she said that for gifted children the meeting is really a formality that is done because it is required by FL law.

My kids go to a Charter School. The requirement for the gifted program is that the child must have an IQ above 131 on the Weschler (SP?) test. Once a child scores high enough they are elibgoble for the gifted program which consists of 2 pull out sessions a week with the gifted teacher. Once they are classified, the classification stands whether they stay in the Charter School or they go back to the public schools (where they have a stand alone gifted program).

Thanks for your help.


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I have had children both in true gifted---fulltime---programs and in (what we call) academically talented (pull out) progams. There are plusses and minuses to each. With my last child we have found a good compromise solution. She is too young for the AT program (only a first grader) and I am not particularly impressed with the full time program in our district for a variety of reasons, including location. Instead, she has remained in her first grade classroom but goes to second grade for all reading and language arts activities. It is a perfect solution and will continue next year. A 2-3 split classroom will be ideal if the school initiates one for next year, but we won't know that til school starts in the fall. Incidentally, she has completed all second grade subject matter now with several weeks of school remaining!

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Well my choices will be to:

1. Keep him in the Charter School with pull outs
2. Move him to public school which has a ft gifted program.

We are happy where the kids are now, so we will probably keep them there.


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My son was in the gifted program in Florida. He was in the arts and drama charter school. We now live in Kentucky. Do not let them fool you. I say keep him where he is. If you don't mind...what school does he go to? Is it an arts/science ect...school? He should have more than two pull-outs a week. They will lead you to believe that but..get on your computer and look up the Florida laws. You have WAY more rights than they lead you to believe. You are the decision maker in your sons education! Please remember that! Florida education "is a hard road to hoe." I know from expierience. If you go to this meeting and feel like nothing "good" came out of it,or you never got any real answers, or nothing was accomplished. Don't stop there..ask questions! My son is now going into the sixth grade. He does 10th grade math and 12th grade reading. You are the decision maker,not the school! Good luck!

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Welcome sevenangels 1,
I like that name. Keep us inform. Sounds like you have a lovely family....

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My son is in a Chancellor Beacon Charter school in SW Broward County. As far as I know they are required to accomodate ESE students (including gifted) but since it is not a public school the school is not as heavily regulated. If I want to excercise my "rights" I will have to go to public school. At the Charter School they are required to show results by taking FCATs along with the public shcools and performing satisfactorily on those exams, but they are left to operate as they see fit. I love the school and the things they are doing so I don't see myself taking my kids out.


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An update:

The meeting was non eventful. He meets the criteria. Starts in the progam next year. THe program is twice a week pull outs. The gifted teacher works with the classroom teacher to modify certain classroom assigments.

Does anyone have good suggestions for books? He reads on a 6th grade level. His interests are typical for a kid going into 3rd grade though(sports, science, sports, sports, sports,sports). I am ok with picking non fiction, but get stuck, on fiction.


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When my son was in third grade, he was into mysteries. Has your son tried out Hardy Boys? The reading level should be about right.

There is also a guide on the back of some books. Take a look near the bar code on the back of the book. If you see something like RL-6 8-12, it means Reading Level 6th grade, subject enjoyed by 8-12 year olds. It is not on all books, and it is not infalible, but it is a guideline.

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Roald Dahl (my favorite)
Henry Huggins Books & other Beverly Cleary like Ralph S. Mouse (my other favorite)
Encyclopedia Brown
How to Eat Fried Worms
The Chronicles of Narnia
Zilpha Keatley Snyder (most of her characters are girls except in the Blair's Nightmare books, which I think are the best).
Issac Bashevis Singer has an awesome collection of stories for children
Gordon Korman (the Bruno & Boots books)
Richard Peck
Scott O'Dell
The Great Brain series by John D. Fitzgerald (my absolute favorite)

Gary Paulsen is a good author for boys but maybe for a little older boys.

I haven't read the captain underpants but they are supposed to be great.

Louis Sacher's "Holes" is our Seattle library's all-kids-read-the-same-book book this year. He also wrote "there's a boy in the girls bathroom"

Some of my suggestions might be for when he is a little older, I can't really remember.

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You've got ME interested in reading the books you mentioned.

I would also suggest asking the children's librarian at the public library for guidance. She will know which books they have that are great reads.

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Hi Mommabear and everyone else! My son just completed 3rd grade and was in a self-contained class for gifted students. There were 17 kids in in his class. This was his 2nd yr in the program and we have been pleased. We use Accelerated Reader here (Georgia) which has the reading level on the books. I hope you have a great year!

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I hate accelerated reader!!!


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LOL! I hate Accelerated Reader, too!

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I have mixed feelings about AR. My daughter loves to read and it has been great motivation for her. My son hates to read and it has been a big pain for him! He has to get a certain amt of points per 9 weeks for his grade. My daughter's 1st grade class all loved to do it and take the tests on the computer and get prizes for their points. But there wasn't any real pressure on them to rack up the points so it was fun.

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My son hates it because he hates being forced to read what is on the list for his reading level. He wants to just read what he likes. I think it is supposed to motivate the kids that hate reading, but what is does is annoy the kids that like reading.


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Do any other schools give prizes for their points? Just curious. Ours does and it seems to work well.

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Gotta second the Chronicles of Narnia. I love them even now (I'm 30).

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