Leaking Casement Window: Weatherstripping

lowlight21June 18, 2012

Hello all. Thank you in advance for any assistance you're able to provide. A casement window in my home leaks through the sill near the crank hardware whenever we get wind-driven rain that hits the window. I'm attempting to solve this problem myself if at all possible, so I'm wondering if someone can lend me some expertise on whether or not they think my hypothesis is correct.

At this point, I'm thinking that the weatherstripping located on the top of my casement window sash is allowing water into the home. Attached is a photo of what this weatherstrip looks like when the window is closed. That gap between the window frame and the sash is where I suspect the water is entering the window. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Let me know if there's any other information I can provide. I cannot find the manufacturer of the window. The hardware is made by Truth by I cannot find the manufacturer name anywhere on the window.

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Unfortunately from my end there is no way to tell from here as water intrusion can be and is a very tricky thing. It may be coming in from there or I would also be concerned that it appears there is not a drip cap and the siding does not look the in the greatest condition above it. You would probably be best off looking for a reputable handyman or small GC who does siding and windows to take a look at it.

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Some mfg's call that the water bar, that being the stripping at the top.
With no drip cap the possibilities are numerous. The water may not be getting in where you think. You might consider de-install & re-installing the unit before going any further.

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