'Snow' shoes for walking on S-tile concrete roof?

fixizinJune 13, 2009

DATELINE: Fort Lauderdale - the concrete S-tile roof I had installed in 2003 needs its first pressure cleaning. (Not only does the black mildew look bad, it increases my A/C load/costs!)

Though poured without mesh, these tiles are tough, and rest in a bed of epoxy foam. The danger in walking on them is not so much cracking the tiles (though the probability IS higher than with the flat Bermuda-style tiles), but rather that the edges and corners of tiles (or hardened epoxy patties) might dig into the hot-mopped asphalt and felt forming the underlayment. Leaks follow.

SO... I'm thinking I should strap some egg-crate foam onto the soles of my work boots, to spread the load and soften my stride, or maybe even cut the tails off some real snowshoes, and foam them up, LOL. Not sure how such a jury-rig would perform when WET...? OTOH, if someone already makes some "moon booties", that strap-on in the manner of ice crampons, I might pay a few bucks for those.

Anyone ever see such a goofy accessory? Should I file a patent? ;')

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A quick search shows that most recommendations are simply soft-soled, non-slip shoes. Nothing about "spreading the load". I'd think it may be more dangerous (more likely to fall) with large flat snow-shoe type footwear.

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Have you ever thought of using a product called spray and foget? I am going to purchase some to clean my stucco house. You just spray it on and it kills and removes the alge and mold. It comes in a bottle with a sprayer for roofs that reaches 20ft. I haven't used it yet but from the testomonials it supposed to work.

Here is a link that might be useful: spray and forget.

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