God, Government, and the Good Samaritan

ArkansasgardenboyMay 14, 2002

We have express our thankfullness for mothers and fathers. I am thankful for our leaders of of our country, schools, cities, states, and churches. I realize we hear alot of bad things in some of these in high positions. What are some ways we can come together and unite in our goals and aspirations to make our country even stronger? I hope this post brings us to a common focus and center of union to be better individuals working for common goals.

I haven't read all of the following but what I have read seem to be key issues. What do you think of the topic? the link is: http://www.heritage.org/shorts/samaritan/monograph.html

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.heritage.org/shorts/samaritan/monograph.html

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The perception that people have - that the work done by private charities is hugely successful and the work done by the government is a failure - is false. Both religious and government organizations have many successes and failures. People are just much quicker to jump on failure when it is their tax money being spent instead of some other person's elective donation. When they send tax money to private religious organizations, people will start seeing all the failures that they have too, and ignoring the successes, and they will be just as angry about what they see as wasted money.

I am in favor of adults who need help with addiction or mental health issues having choices available to them about the kind of help they will get - religiously-based or not. If the government is funding that help, they can direct the funds to whichever organization the person chooses to receive the services from, as long as that organization is willing to be scrutinized on how they use the funds and comply with all the laws governing the delivery of social services.

Relgious organizations should never be the only option available.

Under no circumstances do I think that religious organizations should receive government funding to provide services to children. Religion is a personal, adult or parental choice and for the government to impose religion on children would be totally wrong.

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I talked to a preacher today, who had preached a message entitled,"The Need to Huddle". Parents need to spend more time in the huddle with their children. Many of you think this is my theme song. It works. When we join our heads, our hearts, our hands and seek to accomplish common goals results are accomplished.
This is a good article and we need to spend some time in reading and seeking out more ways we can be of help in helping those who need it the most. One way I spend my time is visiting house to house and this is very rewarding.
I just hope our lifestyles as a nation will improve. We can help make a difference. I am working harder and maybe smarter to help and we need you help. Let us hear from you. How are you helping? Maybe someone has helped you.

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Parents exert great influence over their children, for good or evil. Check out the following article and please express your honest opinion. http://www.christiancourier.com/feature/may99.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.christiancourier.com/feature/may99.htm

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My honest opinion: only someone ignorant enough to deny evolution would attack a book based on its back cover, and only a bunch of mental sheep would listen to this attack and support the postition they hear without even having read the book.

Sometimes it seems like people would rather get angry than think. It is a lot easier to get angry and attack people than it is to seriously ponder the things that people say. This article is the epitome of that.

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Are you saying I am ignorant if I don't believe in evolution? What is evolution? I believe the Bibical account of creation. I am not angry? I believe the Bible to be God's Holy Word.
The question, "can parents have important and long-term effects on the development of their children?" I say absolutely both positively and negatively. I believe it is parents' responsibility to train up a child in the love and admonition of the Lord. This entails many aspects.
I encourage you to read the whole article if you have not.

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You asked for my honest opinion. Evolution is a fact. Life evolved from other life. We are still evolving. We are getting bigger. We are getting smarter. Evolving.

Everyone knows that parents can have important and long-term effects on the development of their children. I haven't read the book that this article refers to but I remember when it came out and I read several reviews and associated articles at the time. The author doesn't argue that parents have no effect. She looks at different research that has been done and argues that the importance of genes and peer groups in determining how a person turns out has been underestimated.

The author of the article you linked doesn't seem to have read the book at all. It sounds like he read the back cover or saw Bill "Rile Me Up" O'Reilly talking about it on the Fox News Channel and decided to attack what he THOUGHT the premise was. What's more, his audience probably didn't read the book either - he certainly didn't encourage them to read it and look critically at the arguments and the research that the author aggregated from decades of scientific study by researchers all over the world. He just said "look at this stupid evolutionist and her unchirstian ways, can you believe how dumb she is?"

The ignorant author needs to read the book before he attacks it. He even says, "By the time youÂve finished reading the title, you know pretty much the thrust of the book!" Well, not really! I guess you know enough to write this kind of tripe though.

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I am trying to get the book from the library. I agree with some of her points.

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Her website has links to lots of reviews. It does sound like an interesting book, I would want to read it too if I had time (I have to read constantly for school so I don't get to read for pleasure, boo hoo). We could have a book club!

I remember when this book came out, it was the same time as the Monica Lewinsky story broke. It was hard to get a word in edgewise, and I remember reading that the publisher framed it in very sensationalistic terms "Parents Don't Matter!!" so it could get publicity.

They are just about done mapping the human genome. It is incredible to consider what we will be learning about ourselves within the next 20 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: author's website

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Success!! Success!!! Success!!!! Isn't that what we are seeking? Here are some community projects that have been successful. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002/05/20/usat-whatworks.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002/05/20/usat-whatworks.htm

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