Re-attaching soap dish on tile shower wall

ljbrandtJune 2, 2013

I've done this once before using a modified latex thin-set mortar, but it fell off again yesterday (about 2yrs later). I've decided to use either a construction adhesive or epoxy to re-mount the soap dish back to the you can see from the pictures, the thin-set is still in the wall and there isn't much room for much product.

My question is, which product will work best in this application, construction adhesive (liquid nails, loctite power grab etc. or epoxy, i.e. jb weld).

I will be using 100% silicone to seal around the soap dish once it is re-fastened to the shower wall.

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If the backerboard is in good shape, I'd clean it well, the back of the soap dish, too, and use an application of Exterior Grade Liquid Nails.
It will never be more secure than the backer board that it's attached to.

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I would rough up the backer with a grinder (or just put some notches in it), then use thinset one more time. You'll have more surface area that way, and it will be "cleaner" so the thinset adheres. I'd probably replace the soapdish, too, since they're cheap and will give you a clean surface w/ more space for the thinset.

After it cures, seal the perimeter with adhesive caulk.

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Just wanted to follow up and share a solution that worked for me...Loctite 'PL Premium' construction adhesive did the trick. After 24hrs cure time, i pulled on the soap dish to see how it would hold and it didn't budge - in fact, I could even see the tile wall bend from pulling on the soap dish! I think the PL premium it the fastest way to might even be stronger than the thinset method!

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