Saving on flying?

mare_wbpaAugust 1, 2006

I need to make a trip to Atlanta. The lowest fare I've found is $333. However, I've discovered that if I book a flight to Miami, it stopsover in Atlanta and only costs $159. Is there any rule, law or reason that I couldn't just get off in Atlanta and not reboard?

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Well it depends on if the first fare is round trip and what it will cost to fly back. There is definitely no law I know of that forces someone to get on a plane (not at this time, but who knows... ;->)

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Both fares are one way. I do realize that I wouldn't be able to check luggage, which is not a problem.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

What a neat idea!

Please let us know if it all works out well for you.


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You will not be able to board the return flight in Atlanta if you did not start in Miami. This would only work if you didn't need to have a return flight from Atlanta. Your ticket is from Miami, even if you don't need the part from Miami.

I know this because a neighbor tried to do it. He wanted to fly out of Atlanta on the second segment of his ticket, but not use the Florida to Atlanta portion. The airline said no. (Oh, they would have for an additional $800)

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Yup. The airlines are on to this one. Don't trouble yourself by doing it.

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Don't do it!!!

Many years ago, I booked a flight to Columbus, Ohio, that stopped over in Chicago. I decided later that I wasn't going to Columbus, so I got off the plane at Chicago and spent my weekend there. Well, when I tried to get on the plane home in Chicago, my only recourse was to buy a new one-way ticket home, or get to Columbus to board my flight. Since my flight was "missed", I had to pay $100 fee to "change" my flight. Plus I had to find a way to Columbus - which I did for $100. Good thing Columbus wasn't far from Chicago.

The flight to Columbus was much more than what a flight to Chicago would have cost me, so the airline wouldn't have been out any money if they had let me on the plane in Chicago.

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Let me clarify. There will ne no return trip. I am buying a one way ticket. Once I get off in Atl. I will not be reboarding for the second leg of the trip. That's all.

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Sounds to me as though it should work.

But don't quote me!

Do you plan to use an alias?

Maybe their computer will remember you, later.

On the other hand ...

... how about advertising in the Atalnta paper for someone who wants to fly to (was it "Miami" - "Orlando"?).

Maybe you could get the flight that you wanted for even cheaper than you thought: the other flyer's fee, less the cost of the ad?

On the other hand ...

... there are a lot of Atlantans who frequent this site - well, maybe not here, but try over on KT.

Hope you have a great flight.

A little deviousness is a bit of an adventure (but don't try it on the Income Tax!).

ole joyful

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What you are suggesting OJ, could get one into a lot of trouble.

Two people cannot piggyback on one airline ticket. Never could.

And with the way things are now, with security at the airports, if someone was caught traveling on a ticket made out for someone else.......... and jumping on at the half way point..........Hmmm........You would definatly be sitting in a federal holding jail or customs cell until things got ironed out. which could take days, weeks or months. And then after that maybe you charged with any of a number of things they could charge you with. All this terrorism stuff has put an end to money saving pranks. They were always illegal but now, airports have more manpower to nab the culprits.

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bud wi,

Right on.

Sometimes some deviousness isn't worth the effort.

I have no stomach for probably being sent to Guantanamo - or any local subsidiary of same.

ole joyful

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Did you price round trip tickets? At one point in time Iknow round trip was cheaper than one way.

But, like I say earlier, I got off the plane in Chicago with my carry on luggage, no problem.

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Just updating everyone. All went well with the flight. Just got off in Atl and didn't reboard. No fuss, muss or bother.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Good to hear that all went well!

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Hi, I'm probably late with my advice, but best prices for airline tickets you could find at least 3 weeks before your flight (if you have a chance to plan ahead) otherwise I will gladly teach you another way how to save on wholesale travel.

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