HELP--crawl space footings (support post) issue (x-post bsmts)

tracey_bJune 3, 2009

We have a small crawl space (rest is basement). The crawl has 3 support footings (don't know what they're called) about 4 ft tall (in IL). Just had inspection relating to selling the property (ordered by our Relo company). Inspector said they were "undersized" (but perhaps they were to code 11 years ago when we built?). Now we're gonna have to replace them.....or find someone to come out and say that they are "no problem".

I know "Code" changes all the time. If it was built to code 11 yrs ago (and how do we find that out?), do we have to change it? It's a nice house (small midwest town, $330k) with no other problems. Our realtor just says "throw $1000 dollars to buyer at closing" but that seems like a lot (or is it?).

Inspector says it needs to be of concrete, not wood (like it is currently). Any thoughts for me???


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$1,000 allowance eor that situation is quite inexpensive. In fact, it may be the least expensive option---if the issue arises.

You had the house built 11 years ago? If so, the certificate of occupancy proves the house was built to code---there were several inspections that covered that area.

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