School's Out (or Nearly)...

SandiDMay 29, 2003

What will your & your kids be doing this summer?

My 9 & 12 year olds will be taking part in the summer reading program at the public library, taking music lessons (piano, violin & clarinet), going to the Gulf Coast a few weekends and going to Space Camp for a week. get my boss to let me work from home all summer....hmmm...

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Sounds like a well planned summer. I always used the summers with our violinist to really improve her skills for the orchestra the next fall. With fewer demands on her time in the summers, she really moved ahead every vacation in her violin skills. She started the violin in 3rd grade when she learned along with her classmates. Every 3rd grader in our school district learned the violin, and she had been looking forward to her turn in 3rd grade. She was concert mistress in 8th and again in 12th grade. I feel certain that her musical prowess opened college doors for her.

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