Leak under Sink.

lostinitJune 8, 2010

The leak is not coming from the gasket. In the first picture the leak is starting from where the threading begins on the pipe (See the green looking stuff). Everything above that thread is dry, the leak is starting where the threading is and trickling down. I suspect I would have to unscrew the bottom pipe, wrap teflon tape and screw it back together but I want to avoid that if I can. I was wondering if I could put some paste where the threads connect to the bottom part with the gasket instead of taking apart the plumbing at the bottom and creating more mess.

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You need to unscrew the nut and reposition the rubber gasket seal against the sink. The seal is askew and not compressed enough. Sealant is not required.

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There is no way to avoid taking it apart IMHO.

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If the picture dictates it correctly, you can see that the drain isn't vertical to the sink and is at an angle causing the gasket to not seat properly. It even looks like a gap is shown on the lower pic. It's not that big a deal to loosen and re-seat the drain. You will want to re-putty or silicone the drain in the sink bowl as well.

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I bet the trap below is out of alignment with the sink.

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I've done/had the same thing. Take everything apart and start at the top making sure every part is straight and aligned with the next part. You might have to lengthen/shorten a pipe at the bottom to finish correctly.

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I would just loosen/lower that nut, swab some pipe thread compound onto it with your finger, then retighten. Make sure to get the compound that's ok for plastic & PVC, etc.

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