Spray foam a gap by electrical wire run?

pbx2_gwJune 13, 2013

We live in the south & have an unfinished detached garage which has a 240V outlet that was brought/tapped in from the main house.

I see a little light showing through where the conduit hold the electrical wire is attached to the garage wall.

Can I find some canned spray foam & apply it around there to stop any drafts & bugs & consider it solved?

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Sure, but after you use it, the rest of the can will go to waste since it will dry out and get stuck in hose, etc.

There's a brick of putty you can get in the electrical department, It's about $3. (Might be called duct seal putty). You'll have plenty leftover.

If you have any caulk lying around, that will work, too.

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Spray foam will discolor and erode in the sunlight. Caulk and putty are much easier to apply when you want it to look good after you're done.

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I'd go the thumb gum route myself.

there is a fire rated foam for
around electrical and/or heat producing.
better safe than sorry.
also fire rated caulks.

not a fan of foam myself..little control
over how it fills, and it shrinks & doesn't
hold it's seal.

best of luck.

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Pardon my ignorance energy_rater_la: but what is thumb gum?

Thanks all for your feedback.

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see attached

Here is a link that might be useful: GB DUCT SEAL GREY SEALING COMPOUND THUMB GUM

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Thanks millworkman & all!

I was afraid you all were using some slang I wasn't aware of. It IS thumb gum after all!

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Let google be your friend.

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Bringing this topic back to life with a followup.

Used the plumber's putty & it was easy to apply & stick.

However, been doing some reading: the backside holes for the receptacles mentioned in the OP where it attaches to the exterior unfinished garage wall -
* Could I have used 100% silicone caulk around the receptacle where air is coming around the edges?

Also - had some light fixtures attached to the exterior wall on the unfishnished garage & there are the holes behind the backplate that I'd like to air seal -
* What is the preferred method to fill something about 3/4" in diameter?

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how about a couple of pictures?

fire rated caulk would be my choice,
next to electrical you don't want to take

best of luck.

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