Drafting/house plans needed from photos of a home

kled2008August 5, 2012


We have found images of a home that we love, but can not afford to hire the architect to create a custom design for us. I am looking for an architect or draftsman that can take the photos we love and, for the most part, replicate the home for us, and not charge an exorbitant price. We are more than willing to pay for someone's time and talent, but need to do so in a cost effective manor. We need floor plans, some elevations, window and door schedule, etc...likely do not need a foundation plan, as our builder is good with that sort of thing. I've attached a link that shows a few images of our dream home. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!


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Did you try the Home Building forum?

Here is a link that might be useful: Building a Home

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Architects do more than just give you 'pretty' plans for a dream home. They design the home so it works, is safe, so that the systems are properly installed, meets code requirements, etc.

A home's plans are NOT someplace you want to skimp--be sure you have a qualified professional plan your space so it's safe, workable and will give you many years of enjoyment. Personally? I'd rather use cheap materials than a cheap plan. If you have this done by someone without the proper expertise, there are SO many, potentially very expensive pitfalls you will probably encounter in years to come.

Don't be pennywise and pound foolish on this important project

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That's a mighty high end home to be cheaping out on the plans.
Yeah, no one asked my opinion on that but shazzam \0/

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"We have found images of a home that we love, but can not afford to hire the architect to create a custom design for us."

If you cannot afford to hire someone to draw up the plans, you cannot afford a house that size/style.

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My dad is a self trained custom home builder. He recently retired at age 78. He could see a picture of a house, draw the plans, then order everything you'd need with maybe 1 or 2 boards left over! He is my hero and proves that college sometimes beats the 'smarts' out of you. He graduated with high honors from high school, joined the army, got out and married my mom. He learned to build/ draw plans from actually doing both.

I hope you can find someone like him!

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