Craftsman Garage Door Opener -- Lightning surge

HappyHomeownerJune 11, 2011

Can anyone confirm that I need to replace the receiver/logic board ... and that the motor is probably OK?

I have two 1/2 hp Craftsman openers (#139.53975SRT1) and both have identical symptoms. Following a lightning storm neither opener will open or close the door. (Other appliances in the house were also damaged by the storm.) Pressing the button on the control console activates the relay on the opener, the opener light turns on, but the motor does operate (not even a humming noise). The amber LED on the opener (near the SRT button) flashes 5 times and repeats. I power cycled the opener and am sure the motor isn't overheated.

I briefly connected a jumper wire between the incoming line voltage (black) and the blue capacitor lead; the motor operated as long as the jumper was connected. Ditto for the red capacitor lead. With the motor disconnected, I measured the resistance between the red and blue leads; it was ~7.4 ohms; the resistance between each colored lead and the white lead was half that. So far, so good. It appears that the motor is good and that the culprit is the logic board.

HOWEVER, I also measured the resistance between each motor lead and the case. There was no continuity from the blue lead to the case, but I measured (only) tens of ohms from the red and white leads to the case. That doesn't seem right. Does that indicate a problem with the motor?

A couple of other (extraneous?) observations: The green LED on the control console is lit, as is the orange LED on the safety sensor transmitter. However, the green LED on the safety sensor receiver is not lit.


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Unfortunately lightening strikes and power surges love logic boards. I have never heard of it getting to the motor. The only sure way to troubleshoot the logic board is replacement.

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