School Board Elections - do you vote??

stir_fryiMay 6, 2008

I admit, before kids I didn't have clue who was on our local school board (nor did I care).

Now I realize the power these people have to shape your child's school and education. For instance, last year the board closed over half of our elementary schools and increased bussing by 35%.

Know where your board members stand on class sizes, outsourcing, program elimination, anti-bullying, etc....

It will affect you at some point.

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I don't have kids, or want them. But I always vote in the school board elections. I firmly believe that a good education is a right, and I will do everything in my power to make sure all children have access to quality education. Educated people are less likely to commit crimes, join gangs, and use drugs- activities that cost all of us money and sometimes much worse. Education is the ticket out of poverty. Everyone has a stake in the quality of education, and everyone has a responsibility to provide the best possible education to all children.

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Yes I vote every time and I always have, even before kids came in the picture. I vote for a quality education but I don't believe that more money has to be spent in order to do it, at least not all the time. They do need to look at the bottom dollar because in my state, it's the local property taxes that pay for schools. With that being said, cutting class sizes and closing schools is not the answer. So in answer to your question, yep, I vote every time and I'm not afraid to call a school board member to find out why they voted for something.

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