Recommendations for 2nd Grade Math book

momfirstMay 25, 2002

Can anyone recommend a good 2nd grade math book? My child used Arithmetwist in 1st grade but I was not that impressed with it. I would like to find a really good text to use over the summer.

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I don't know about a textbook kind of thing, but we've tried some software that impressed me. Last summer my son, now finsihing up 3rd grade, used a CD from Learning Company called "Clue Finders 3rd grade." That series starts for 3rd grade. This is the same company that makes the Reader Rabbit series, up to 2nd grade it's part of Reader Rabbit series, 3rd and after it's the Clue Finder series. So, anyhow, you can find a math CD for your son's age in the Reader Rabbit series, or take a look at the Clue Finder series depending on your son's abilities.

We actually ordered this CD through the school, after the teachers reviewed it and said yes, this really fits with our curriculum, it will help students prepare for the next grade and is very good stuff. I was impressed with the variety of math and reasoning skills the game used, it challenged my son, and he had a lot of fun playing it. Here is a link for the company. We are no longer at that school, but I am planning to order the Clue Finders 4th grade on my own for this summer.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Learning Company

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We also used the Reader Rabbit/Math Rabbit series. I think it really helped. We started these Pre-K. (She tested 97.8% Ntl Avg on the SAT9 for Math last Summer). The other thing we did in the summer was the Brain Quest game. We bought one that had several subjects. DD liked it because it was fun and we did it together a lot or she could do it with her friends. Sometimes she just read the cards and learned that way. I found it on sale at JC Penney kids section. I have seen it at Walmart and some childrens stores.

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We use Reading Blaster, Spelling Blaster, and Math Blaster. The kids love them and you can adjust the level of difficulty to fit the age & ability of the child.

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Thank you for all the great suggestions. I really appreciate it!

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