Help! Need roofing advice

murreyateJune 19, 2009

A storm recently came through our area, and now I have to have my roof replaced. I currently have 25-year shingles on my roof, but I am looking at all my options.

I have heard that the color of shingles affects the temperature of the house. I have also heard that that is a myth. Can anyone weigh in on this from personal experience?

I am also looking at putting a thermal pvc roof system on the house, but I can't find anyone who has any unbiased information on this roofing system, either.

And of course there is always the metal-roof option. I have talked to my insurance agent, and as long as the roof is a class 4 roof, I will receive a 27% discount on my insurance premium, but I need to know if that discount will actually pay for the roofing if there is any issues with a metal roof.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I went from a neutral color asphalt, kind of mostly light brown granules but some dark brown in it too - To a White granule energy rated asphalt.
HUGE difference on winter electric bills ! They jumped up a bunch but summer cooling costs certainly went down a respectable amount.

Moderate color metal roofs now can be had with infrared reflecting paint pigments in formulas that dissipate heat rapidly too. But I imagine the lighter the better still. Recently read they are still trying to get the black pigments even to do that too. Carbon black is used a lot in paints and adds heat. Titanium in paints sheds heat quickly.

You might look around at the Florida solar energy center web site for some info.

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