International Baccalaureate Programs

ksreedeviMay 2, 2003


Does anyone have any experience with the International Baccalaureate program?

I have found an elementary school with this program and really liked it. It would mean moving to the next town where the school is. They also don't have the program for the middle school and high school and are talking about introducing it later.

From what I am reading, the program seems to make a difference in the high schools, so moving without making sure that they have the program in high school might not be good in the long run anyway



Here is a link that might be useful: IBO

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Some of our area high schools have IB. It is an accelerated program of courses that includes certain specific courses that IB requires. It is a good course for the brighter students, and college admissions officers are impressed by IB, which is good if your child will want to attend a very selective university. Of course, it also prepares the child for acceptance to international universities known for excellence, such as the Sorbonne in France. Another alternative is to attend a high school that has many Advanced Placement courses available to students. Of course, the student should not only take many of the classes, but he or she should also take the AP exams in the spring and score well.

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