Magnet Schools?

mpar06May 10, 2010

Hey everyone, first time poster, though I've been liking this site and find great information on it!

I'm moving to Los Angeles and am wondering if anyone has their children in a magnet school? What makes them better than a regular school? I've been doing research, and found a list of magnet schools in Los Angeles, and I checked Wikipedia, but wanted to know first hand from someone with their chilren actually in a magnet.


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Magnet Schools or Magnet Programs within a school are special learning opportunities that are added to the regular academic classes. Each magnet program has a particular theme, such as: Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Pre-Engineering, Medical Science, Business or Global Studies.

Magnet programs are initially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education but once the grant funding period ends, schools continue to offer the programs by using a variety of funding resources.

The goal of magnets is to attract a variety of students of all demographics so that the school is racially balanced. Other goals are improvement of all-over grades, use of computer technology (they always bring in a ton of brand new tech stuff), and easing the gap between high-performing and low-performing students.

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