Ounce of mother equals pound of preacher

ArkansasgardenboyMay 7, 2002

Thank God for godly mothers and godly fathers. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. An interesting song sung by our own home-grown. Go to :http://www.glencampbellshow.com/halloffame.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.glencampbellshow.com/halloffame.htm

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Read about godly women who made a difference here: http://www.fagm.org/IMG/hirt2.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.foigm.org/IMG/hirt2.htm

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AK - I liked the Glenn Campbell song - it brought a tear to my eye.

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Yes I do think the Mother many times is "The Glue" that influences her children quite a bit, with how she teaches the children to act and what her attitude is about morals and her country. Outside influences when the child is a teen can seem to undermind the Mother's good training. But many times the child will reflect on what he or she has learned as a young child. And this will help carry the child through the hard teen years.

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I believe you will be better able to deal with your children when they become teenagers if you have had the proper influence on them up to this time. Lynn, I am agreeing with you. Happy Birthday.

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I think that sometimes society grabs a pretty strong hold on teens, and there are times that NO MATTER WHAT a parent has done in the childs life they still succumb to peer pressure, not to mention the unrealistic and dangerous messages our media gives to teens about appearance, sex, drinking, etc..It's difficult to tell a teenager what's BEST for them.

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I agree with you also. You can do everything just right as a mother(or parent) and then peer pressure can at times influence a child's behavior.

But you must try as hard as you can when the child is growing up to guide and direct them in the right way. And when the child is a teen if you have trained the child and gotten close to the child, many times they will discuss a problem they have with you.

I do agree some of the best parents, at times, have had tough times with teens. But a parent must try to direct the child. Hopefully the misguided teen will return to the directions his mother and father have given him or her, and ask for help from their parents on how to solve problems that can arise.

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Well Arkansasgardenboy,
So much has went on that I didn't realize my birthday was so close. Thanks for saying "Happy Birthday"

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I agree, Lynn Riley... and you are right Flowergirldeb2. Children need guidance, consistancy, Love and understanding. No matter who we are, all we can do is be there for them, and hope they make good decisions and learn from the bad ones.

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It's frightenng though, because today some of the "bad" choices teens are making have detrimental consequences, and I think that the same "it won't happen to me" and "I'm invinsible" attitude unfortunately still remains in their heads. They don't want to LISTEN to what we, as adults have to say because we "can't possibly understand" what they feel like or what they are going through. I'm scared about the teen years!!!! We do our BEST raising our boys now while they are so young, all we can do is keep the relationship strong with our kids and enforce COMMUNICATION! It's scary though.

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