Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

lucyndisguiseJune 2, 2012

I have a Craftsman garage door opener 139.53646SRT. My remote control does not operate my garage door opener. My old remote quit working. I put new batteries in it and still didn�t work. So, I bought a new remote that matches the part number in the owner's manual. The instructions that came with the new remote, the instructions in the owner's manual, and the instructions on the back of the opener for setting the code in the remote are all different. I tried setting the code all three ways and my remote control still does not operate the opener. However, the wall button does operate the opener. The light on the wall unit stays on all the time and is not blinking. The wall unit does not have a lock or vacation button. When I push the remote, the LED on the back of the garage door opener flashes but does not open the door. What could be the problem?

Any help is kindly appreciated!

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The LED flashing when you press on the remote button shows that the remote is sending a signal. It sounds like your receiver has quit working which is part of the logic board. On the end of the motor unit with the short wire antenna hanging down you will find the part number for the logic board. It starts with 41A.

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Hi Don, thank you so much for your reply. I was afraid that's what the problem is. I can't get the darn screws off the cover to get to the logic board; it's tough being a girl sometimes! :) A word of advice...don't store pool chemicals in the garage! I'm not sure if that contributed to the problem, but I'm sure it didn't help.

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You can replace the logic board, if that's the problem,
or work around the whole thing.
(And get your $$ back [return] the new useless remote)
Google: Skylink GBRM
You can get one from Amazon, or closer to home, radio shack may still carry these, sometimes with an outside keypad remote as well.
Lots cheaper than a logic board, remote is probably smaller too.
What it does is go in parallel with (or replaces) your current wall button, and sends the opener the right signal to open/close down the original copper wires.
--No ladders, No taking apart opener, only mickey-mouse work with screwdriver at original inside control button.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Amazon

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I have a Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model 139.53985; 1/2 HP. I have 2 problems. First problem, one of my 3 button remotes totally stopped working, and I don't know how to fix. I have placed 3 new batteries in the unit. Nothing works. All key pads work and the other remote works! HELP.

Second problem. I bought a 2012 Mini CooperS with homelink garage door Remote in the car. I have followed the online instructions, but this model is not listed online, nor is the 3 button remote, and it doesn't seem to work either. :(


Thank you.

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Sounds like your remote has just failed and time for a replacement.

For your Mini Cooper you should contact Homelink.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help for Cooper

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