Sharing some pages (pics)...(might be slow loading)

stephmc72February 20, 2003

Hi all!! I'm new to this forum, but I'm a regular over at the Kitchen Table forum. I have been spending the last several days getting caught up on a years worth of scrapbooking. I'm fairly new to it but love it. I find that I'm only motivated to do it every few months though. I tend to overdo it sometimes with my pages but I love the creative aspect of it. I use my computer alot, mostly to print letters and cut them out. I never knew this forum existed but now that I do, I'm sure I'll be back frequently. You all have great tips and ideas and I love looking thru the pics in the gallery!!! Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my pages I've been doing.

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Great pages Steph. I can't wait to see more. I'm figuring that you are no longer working your temp job...Jewels

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How did you know I'm not working anymore? hee hee!! Last Tuesday was my last day. I'm looking for something else, but filling my days with this for now!! I figured I better get them done while I was feeling motivated & creative!

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Steph, you have some wonderful photos and you've done some great pages with them! I feel inspired just looking at them. I've been thinking mine are boring and need some "revving up". Maybe I'll borrow some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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Those are really great pages. I'm not into making them but enjoy looking at them.

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I love them Steph! Thanks for sharing!

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Well dang steph the pics won't show for me......Stacy

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