Has anyone made a ' Diorama' for a school project?

jewels_ksMay 9, 2004

My ds needs to make a diorama for school. He has to make it with molding clay and make an Bald Eagle and surroundings.

I need some good ideas on how to have him decorate the box or any other help. He nor I have ever made one and I am rather clueless.

TIA, Jewels

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At one time, we had not one shoe box left in our house because of all the dioramas!! He can paint the sides of the box with scenery typical of eagle habitat. Then add a sturdy branch of a tree that you have cut from the yard and make an eagle's nest in it from grass and staw and twigs and LOTS of glue. Put eggs in it in the color and quantity of a typical Eagle clutch of eggs. You can cut grass or other trimmings from the yard for the scenery too--evergreen shrubbery tips make good "trees," which can be anchored in a daub of clay or glued to the sides of the box to make a 3D forest. Also can use cut out pictures from magazines to glue to the walls of the box or to stand up on props for scenery. Add little rocks from the yard to the landscape. Use crumpled Saran Wrap over a painted blue splotch to make a lake or river. Make a clay or salt clay mountain. Paint snow on it, and insert bits of the evergreen to make trees. (I would avoid buying mini model building scenery pieces.) Add fallen logs, etc. I used split peas, various kinds of macaroni, beans, etc. from the kitchen for items too. Make a lone log cabin from twigs. Make a fire lookout tower that the Department of Forestry uses for spotting forest fires. A narrow fire road of mixed beans or peas. We often cut up those long fireplace matches for contstruction, such as for the fire tower. Maybe popsicle sticks too. Glue florists moss for grass or onto sticks to make trees.

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you have to put a valcanoe in there, complete with the vinegar and baking soda effect! :)

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