Need a penpal from Japan...Know anyone?

sadiesmomMay 1, 2002

My daughter (1st grade) is doing a report about festivals in Japan and she is hoping to ask someone who lives there some questions. Do any of you know of anyone? I know there was someone from Japan on the "Organizing" forum, so I will ask there too.

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My very close friend from USA actually is a TEACHER in Japan right now, she is stationed there because her husband is in the service. She has two young daughters, but they are American born, if you are still looking I would be glad to contact her and see if she can help you!!Feel free to e-mail me and let me know!!

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Just wondering if this is still an issue??????

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Sorry, Flowergirl. Somehow, I missed your post the first time around. I appreciate your original offer, but my daughter did find a penpal. Thanks.

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OK! Glad to hear it!! :)

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