Dump day in small town

gina_in_flAugust 10, 2003

Went to the dump today to deposit some old cushions. Spotted some lattice fence material. Asked 'joe' what the deal was.. he said someone wanted to dump it, he thought too good to go in trash bin (on trash days, we pull up to a working garbage trukk. He told me to take if i could use ... Absolutely!! used wire ties to hook the 4 panels to existing chain link. next year will plant impatiens in front of fence



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Lucky you Joe has an eye for something someone else could possibly use. In our dump you can bring but you can't take. Which I think is wrong....if you have a use for something then by all means use it. Their way of thinking is it was junk for someone it is junk for everyone and better it end up at the dump once than thrown along side of a road somewhere. Such a shame. I also applaude the "free" boxes at garage sales...you never know what you will find.

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My DS put new seats in his truck and the old ones went out to the curb with a free sign on them. They were gone in a few hours. We were hoping not to have to take them to the dump.

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The guy at our dump brings everything home! His yard, no joking, is piled high to within a foot of the road... a health hazard, yes, as we're sure vermin is attracted to his mess. We've called EVERYONE - no one wants to be the one to tell him to clean it up! We're a small town, the guy is out of city limits, in the county. Our next call is to someone with the "state"...

Once, I wrecked our riding lawn mower, mowing on a hill outside our fence.. I had gotten stuck and was off the mower, trying to unstick it.. anyway, down the hill it went, crashed into the neighbors pickup truck... fortunately, the only place it "hit" the truck was the hubcap - how blessed was I?!... anyway, the engine cover was totalled, we dropped it the next time we took out the garbage...and you guessed it, it was in his yard the next day! Just sitting on top of another pile of trash! I was so mad, I almost stopped and picked it up! But then I remembered that vermin...

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Oh yuck, Tina!

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Have you checked with the building department with the county? Most counties have some type of laws regarding storage facilities--or the health dept. Then you go to the state-

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